Prince Wrote A Song Inspired By Donald Trump [Listen]

Beloved and legendary pop superstar Prince reportedly wrote a song in 1990 about Donald Trump, who is now the presumptive GOP nominee for U.S. president.

The song is called "Donald Trump (Black Version)," and was performed by the R&B band then known as the Time. You may recall that Morris Day and the Time appeared in the movie Purple Rain as Prince's musical rivals.

Prince Rogers Nelson, 57, died suddenly on April 21, at his home in suburban Minneapolis, and is being mourned by millions of fans, including Donald Trump, who tweeted out his condolences.

The prolific musician evidently died without a will, which will likely prompt a huge legal struggle over his estimated $300 million estate.

The chorus of the ballad -- for which Prince was apparently uncredited as co-writer -- contains the following lyrics (listen to the entire song embedded below).

"Donald Trump (black version), maybe that's what you need.A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance.A 1990s love affair, the real romance."
The BuzzFeed website recently called attention to the history behind Prince's song about Donald Trump.
"In his 2012 book, Prince: The Man and His Music, Prince biographer Matt Thorne writes that the musician initially wrote the song for the Time's unreleased album Corporate World, but it was moved to their 1990 album, Pandemonium. 'Prince is responsible for a third of the record including another Corporate World standout — 'Donald Trump (Black Version)', which continues the theme of a black rewrite of Wall Street — and four tracks with rich histories,' Thorne writes."
"The band, now known as The Original 7ven, was formed by Prince in 1981 in Minneapolis under a clause in his Warner Bros. contract that allowed him to recruit and work with other artists for the label," the Daily Mail recalled.
"Prince did not take credit for his contribution to the Trump tune, but Warner Bros. representatives deftly leaked the information that Prince was indeed a co-writer," Newsmax reported.

"Yes, even back in the 90s, people were talking about Donald Trump. Prince rose to fame over the decades for his own style and musical influence, but behind the scenes, he was always writing music for other artists as well," Hollywood Life explained.

"Prince's contribution goes uncredited on the album, but fan site Prince Vault backs up Thorne's claim that the song was penned by the Purple One himself. Incidentally, he wrote it around the same time Trump first openly mulled a run for public office," Rolling Stone claimed about the song.

The brash New York real estate mogul and ex-Celebrity Apprentice host who was the subject of the Prince tune swept to victory in five Republican primaries yesterday in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, giving him additional momentum going into next Tuesday's Indiana primary. Trump now has 987 delegates in his corner, with 1,237 needed to officially secure his party's nomination at the upcoming GOP convention in Cleveland this summer.

According to a new NBC News poll of about 11,000 registered voters, Donald Trump has hit the 50 percent mark with right-leaning voters for the first time further, confounding critics in the GOP establishment, including Bush loyalist Karl Rove, who have consistently insisted that Trump's support among the electorate had a much lower ceiling.

A new George Washington University Battleground Poll also suggests that Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual dead heat in the general election if held today.

"It is not known if Trump if aware of the song named for him or its links to the late pop icon, but Daily Mail Online has contacted a representative for comment," the Daily Mail added about Prince's ghostwritten song "Donald Trump (Black Version)."

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