WWE News: Incident Involving Ric Flair At Boston Airport

It appears as if Ric Flair was involved in an incident at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, Wednesday morning. There were several reports from eyewitnesses at the airport that stated Flair was intoxicated and "acting like a drunk person." There's even been this picture floating around that was posted to Twitter with some folks indicating that he was being detained for public drunkenness.

PWInsider has since been able to clarify what exactly happened at the airport as it pertains to Ric Flair. Flair was not arrested nor detained at any point during his time at the airport. Originally, it was reported that Flair missed his original flight and was forced to wait for the next available flight, but that is false. Ric was allowed to board his flight as scheduled to Atlanta. Apparently, the Nature Boy slipped on his luggage and banged his head, which brought medical personnel over to him, where they monitored his condition and cleaned him up.

Also, WrestlingInc updated their story to include a statement from Ric Flair's agent, Morris Zanoni, who said his client is fine.

"Ric has been working every day around the clock, including internationally, for a month straight and has injuries on his hand that were being looked into this morning. While it is true Ric Flair and his buddies have been keeping airport bars in business since the 70's that was not the case at all in Boston. I just hung up with Ric, he is already on the flight and all is good."
As is the case many times when alcohol is involved, there appear to be contradicting stories as to whether or not Ric Flair was drunk. According to TMZ, Airport Police Sgt. Donlon said that while Flair was at an airport bar and did drink, he was not intoxicated. But airport patrons disagree with that sentiment, with some witnesses describing Flair as "loud, obnoxious, having a tough time and shambling about."

It has been a rough 48 hours for Ric Flair, as he's also garnering headlines for a slip of the tongue during a promo on Tuesday's Smackdown taping. Dean Ambrose hosted his latest episode of the "Ambrose Asylum" with his guests, WWE Women's Champion Charlotte, the No. 1 contender to her title, Natalya, and Ric Flair. Flair got worked up as he tends to do and ultimately told Nattie to "kill herself." While the flub will likely be edited out for the final version that airs Thursday, the incident has already made the rounds on the internet.

Ric Nattie
[Image via WWE]What's interesting about these two separate, but damaging, incidents is that Flair is heavily involved in his daughter's program with Natalya. His involvement in her matches forced Nattie to employ the services of her uncle, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, Sunday at Payback. Ric will be in the corner of Charlotte, while Bret will man the corner of his niece. That is, unless WWE decides to enforce some type of punishment on Flair and suspend him from the pay-per-view. And if Flair isn't there, there's likely no reason for Hart to be involved, which could stall momentum in the feud.

It'd be no skin off the back of 'The Hitman,' though, as he recently stated that he's only showing up because of Natalya. He's been rather critical of the WWE product as of late, including the poor booking and mismanagement of top stars like Roman Reigns. This is news certainly worth continuing to monitor, and if there are any updates, we'll certainly provide them as they come across.

[Image via WWE]