June 29, 2017
Chris Hemsworth, Ellen DeGeneres Surprise Secretary Fan [Video]

When Chris Hemsworth and Ellen DeGeneres teamed up on the latter's show on Wednesday, it was a shock for a super-fan of the popular actor. Normally, when Ellen surprises someone on her show, it's in the form of a jump scare. Often, someone in costume comes out of the shrubs or table to give her guest a quick shot of adrenaline and a laugh.

Chris Hemsworth has been a lot of things since his relative newcomer status in the 2009 soft reboot of Star Trek. Starting out as Captain James T. Kirk's father, George, he has since become the god of thunder for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This by itself was a bit of nerd trivia for the ages, as Kirk's dad and Darth Vader's mother (Natalie Portman) were suddenly cast as a romantic duo. He has also since been a huntsman for Universal's re-telling of Snow White, a shipmate in a spiritual re-telling of Moby Dick, and most recently the male "lapdog" for Paul Feig's all-female Ghostbusters.


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What Chris Hemsworth and Ellen DeGeneres did for her secretary might not have been as impressive as the actor's roles to date, but it was probably one of the best days of a certain Warner Bros. employee's career. Being National Administrative Professionals Day, Ellen decided it was a perfect day to surprise a secretary who has a huge crush on the Thor actor.

Arguably the best part of this surprise was the fact that Chris Hemsworth had just gotten through playing a similar role in Ghostbusters. Ellen Degeneres simply gave him a chance to use that experience to make her own secretary's day a lot more memorable.

Ellen explained at the beginning that even though she regularly has guests who are known worldwide, such as Nicki Minaj, David Duchovny, and Ryan Reynolds, her administrative assistants never get to meet them. As part of National Administrative Professionals Day, she decided to help at least one secretary's dream come true. Ellen DeGeneres brought Chris Hemsworth into her employee's cubicle to hang out on the job.

Chris even took to the surprise with a sense of humor, pretending to play along with the secretary's fantasy of having a threesome in her cubicle. Co-workers gathered around as he hopped and made sure everybody knew it was him. Then he flung his trousers over the cubicle wall, and they heard the two say things like "harder" and "faster." This followed him actually walking up and giving her a massage, and Ellen joked about using oil.

Of course, that wasn't the end of the surprise. Eventually, the whole office got the chance to participate in meeting Chris. Ellen DeGeneres and Chris Hemsworth revealed that the secretary would be flown to the premiere of his latest film Ghostbusters, with free airfare, hotel stay, and everything.

Then they came out of the cubicle with Chris' arm on his fan's shoulder, and they soon broke out a limbo stick. After everyone who wanted to try it got a turn, Ellen provided a cake and asked if they preferred a cake or tequila. They then did shots with Chris Hemsworth and Ellen DeGeneres.

After Chris gave the secretary a big hug, she told him she's never showering again.

How are you celebrating National Administrative Professionals Day?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]