Tyga’s Financial Problems Mount: Sources Confirm Rapper Isn’t Moving In With Kylie Jenner [Video]

Tyga definitely has a reputation for not paying his bills, and the rapper was spotted with girlfriend Kylie Jenner scouting out potential new abodes close to Jenner’s Calabasas, California mansion. A source has confirmed that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and Tyga are not moving in together, and Kylie is simply a girlfriend helping her man find a new home.

Wherever Tyga lands, it will be his third home in 2016. Earlier this year, Tyga was served an “unlawful detainer” notice, which is part of the process to evict him from the $4.8 million Hollywood Hills property he was renting.

According to sources at the time, Tyga failed to pay his landlord the rumored $13,000 per month rent on the six-bedroom home that also boasted a pool and a hot tub. The rapper then moved into a Beverly Hills rental before looking for a new permanent home.

Before renting the Hollywood Hills property, Tyga had been staying with Kylie Jenner, although the Kardashian family was unhappy about it. Tyga eventually moved out, and Kylie seems to enjoy her privacy.

It’s not the first time Tyga has been evicted. In fact, the rapper has a string of past evictions, which might make it difficult for him to rent anywhere else.

Just last August, reports surfaced claiming that Tyga owed a second landlord over $70,000 in back rent and interest on a Calabasas residence, which came after a completely separate court decision that said Tyga had to pay yet another landlord over $80,000 in back rent after being evicted from that home.

As soon as Tyga started looking for yet another place to live close to Kylie, rumors started that the couple were planning to move in together. However, according to a source close to Tyga and Kylie, nothing could be further from the truth.

Kylie and Tyga are not moving in together,” the insider confirmed to People magazine. “Kylie is helping Tyga find a rental house closer to hers in Calabasas. Kylie loves her Calabasas house and seems happy to be living by herself.”

Over social media, fans have been giving financial advice to Tyga, recommending the rapper find “something you can afford even if it’s a condo or smaller home. With the amount of rent you pay you could have owned something.”

Tyga had been out of the country touring in Australia, but recently returned to the Los Angeles area. According to sources, the Compton native and Kylie Jenner were happy to reunite and shared both Instagram snaps and Snapchat videos with their fans.

Tyga’s financial problems don’t just extend to his home, however. The rapper reportedly has had two vehicles recently repossessed, although Tyga denied it over Twitter, claiming instead that he sold the cars.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Tyga is being sued by Choice Motor Credit, which has been trying to collect the $357,350.77 Tyga owes them for a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador. TMZ reported that the luxury car was repossessed by Choice Motor Credit after Tyga failed to make the $11,520.10 monthly payments on it.

The credit company has filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles area court, claiming Tyga owes them almost $450,000. Court documents reveal that Tyga owes the company not just the $357,350.77, but also an additional sum of over $91,000 after it repossessed another vehicle.

The company also financed his 2014 Bentley Mulsanne to the tune of $5,966.95 a month over 73 months, but Tyga didn’t make those payments either. Choice Motor Credit repossessed the Bentley but lost $91,000 selling it to a different party, and they want Tyga to make up the difference.

Over social media, however, Tyga claimed that he sold the luxury cars, posting that he “sold my lambo aventador & Bentley mulsanne over a year ago” [sic], adding that he “got a hurracan Rolls Royce and Ferrari” to replace them.

What do you think? Will Tyga find a new rental property, and will he be evicted from this one as well? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]