Huge Mystery Cloud Above Area 51 Military Base: Investigators Seeking Answers About Massive Smoke Cloud Above Area 51 Back In 2012

A couple filmed what appeared to be a massive fire at the Area 51 military base. Large gray clouds lifted up from the ground to make a mushroom appearance. What was this mysterious dark cloud at the military’s top-secret Area 51 base?

Jimmy and Jackie drove towards Area 51 back in 2012 when they noticed dark clouds rising up from the ground, which they believed to be smoke, the couple announced on their film now uploaded on YouTube.

“We are still driving down Groom Road here and we noticed that there is like weird smoke over here. What could be going on?”

When they reached the gates to Area 51, which strictly enforces no entrance, there were four other individuals watching the smoke-looking cloud and curious about what it could possibly be. Was there a massive fire at Area 51, or did a UFO crash into the secretive base?


Mike Oram, a British UFO expert, claims that he was once abducted by aliens when he visited Area 51. There are many controversies over what actually goes on at Area 51 top-secret military base. Conspiracy theorists believe Area 51 is used to hide extraterrestrial existence, but the government denies that claim and says that Area 51 is used to test new aircraft technologies.

Another batch of conspiracy theorists believe that the military may have started a High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which is a secret weapon to control weather and cause earthquakes, storms, and droughts, Global Research reports.

Conspiracy Theorists believe the massive cloud above Area 51 could be from HAARP [Photo by Mark Farmer/AP Images]The couple were caught in a downpour as they were driving away from Area 51.

“We’ve got a big cloud coming over us. It is probably radioactive rain from whatever they are burning over there.”

Many people speculated what they believed caused the massive dark cloud rising up from Area 51. Some believed it was due to the HAARP conspiracy theory, considering the couple were suddenly caught in a downpour.

Others claimed it had to do with some sort of alien scientific research. More claims were made that they were simply burning toxic waste or possibly just experiencing a brush fire at Area 51.

There have been other reports of large fires at Area 51, including one that took place on the mountains back in April 1999. It was announced that the fire in the Area 51 mountains was caused by lightning; however, this theory was quickly debunked when the story suddenly changed to it being caused by two B-52 Bombers crashing.

This goes to prove how secretive Area 51 military base truly is. The couple continued to speak about the strange massive smoke cloud that emerged from Area 51 back in 2012.

“I did not see any fire fighting trucks or planes, or any other attempts to put out the blaze. In fact, except for a couple of security helicopters there were absolutely no planes anywhere around to be seen that night.”

One would think that if a fire broke out that was large enough to cause a massive smoke cloud like the one that appeared that day, fire trucks would be hoarding the area to fight the fire, but this certainly wasn’t the case.

There have been several cases of UFO and alien sightings near Area 51, giving conspiracy theorists a belief that the massive cloud was caused by a UFO crash.

What are your thoughts about this strange phenomenon at the Area 51 military base? Could it have been the military testing out HAARP, or perhaps working on some alien scientific research? Maybe it wasn’t anything more than a strange rain cloud or a brush fire.

Conspiracy theorists have been watching Area 51 like hawks, and this video coverage certainly opened up some new investigations on what actually goes on at the military’s top-secret Area 51 base.

[Photo by Laura Rauch/AP Images]