Kylie Jenner: Here's The Blue Pill She Can't Live Without And Kris Jenner Posts Her Favorite 'KUWTK' Moment

Kylie Jenner is hotter than ever, whether it's her cosmetic line or her fashion sense, it seems like everything is working for her. But it can't be easy being such a star! She showed her fans the secret to her pretty hair -- Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins. She said in the caption that she can't live without these vitamins and that because she puts her hair under a lot of stress, these vitamins are essential for her.

Even as she shared her beauty tip, her fans couldn't stop gushing about her. "It looks so pretty when she smiles," said one.

Daily Mail has talked about what the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star does to keep her skin glowing. Kylie insists she never forgets to wear sunscreen to make sure her skin stays protected. "I always wear sunscreen and wash my face before I go to sleep, that's a rule that never changes." She says there are a few things she can't do without and that includes a sunscreen, chapstick, and moisturizer. "I mean, necessities, I need chapstick and sunscreen... I love face moisturizer, too". Those seem like something every girl would have in her handbag!

Kylie Jenner goes on to say that she always makes sure she is trying out new things and does try different regimens. "I'm always learning new things and getting advice from people. I do switch my regime up a lot; I don't stick with one product. Right now, I'm always exploring." Surely, anyone can look good at 18, but Kylie Jenner does not take looking good lightly. Why not? After all, she has a cosmetic business to run!The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star goes on to reveal her beauty secrets and says she loves to use glycolic pads. "I'm obsessed with NIP+FAB Glycolic pads - they're super easy to use so I use them to exfoliate nearly every day, then I always use their Dragon's Blood Fix Serum as a primer before I put my makeup on." Now you know looking good can't come easy.Kylie goes on to say that she doesn't like heavy products on her face and that she likes to keep her makeup minimal. "Make-up wise I like foundation that's really light but still has great coverage. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation is perfect and NARS concealer is super good at covering my dark circles." Everyone needs to take care of those dark circles!

She goes on to discuss Kylie Cosmetics and says she loves what she does. "I don't know, I mean it's hard. I do a lot but it's all fun and I love what I do, so it's cool. I feel like I've done a lot and achieved a lot already somehow." It looks like humility may not be Kylie Jenner's strong points but, she may be right. Kylie Cosmetics is certainly doing well.

There are a few more things that Kylie Jenner can't live without. "A slick of Lancôme mascara to thicken my lashes and a spritz of Kim's perfume (it's my favorite scent ever and I always get compliments on it) and I'm good to go." Kylie Jenner's face has truly changed over the years. She talks to Daily Mail about how much she spends on her beauty regime. The newspaper concluded that her beauty regimen can cost around $3, 560. That's a lot of money to spend for someone who is not a celebrity.

While Kylie Jenner is busy keeping herself pretty, Kris Jenner posted a video from Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 11. It features both Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. She captioned the video, "One of my favorite moments from season 11! Who's excited for season 12? Don't miss the premiere this Sunday 9/8c on E!"

It looks like all those Kylie Jenner fans would be waiting for the next season to begin!

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