Lindsay Arnold Launches New Business Venture: What This ‘DWTS’ Pro Will Be Doing

Lindsay Arnold has competed on Dancing With The Stars for a few seasons, and she knows that she needs to put her best foot forward to help her dancing partners. And it sounds like things are working well on this season of the show, as Arnold scores nearly perfect scores last night, as she and Wanyá Morris ended up getting 29 out of 30. The two danced a perfect jazz routine to N’Sync and recreated the “Bye, Bye, Bye” performance that rocked the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2000. But when Lindsay isn’t on the dance floor, she’s working on a brand new venture.

According to a new Instagram post, Lindsay Arnold is thrilled to announce that she’s been working on a brand new website, where people can connect with her on a different level. Every week, fans tune in to support Arnold and her dance partner, but she doesn’t have a great way of connecting with the fans that vote to keep her on the show. Arnold decided to announce this new venture last night as she was about to compete on Dancing With The Stars.

“So so so excited to announce that my website is officially up and running now (link in bio)!!! I cannot wait to interact with you all through this site and hope that you will all enjoy what I have to share! I will be posting blogs for each week on Dancing With The Stars as well as weekly health, dancing and beauty tips! Please go check it out and comment below about specific blog topics you would like me to talk about. Huge thank you to my amazing hubby and our friend Bentley for creating this site for me and for making it something special and unique. Hope you all like it #DWTS,” Lindsay Arnold revealed on Instagram, sharing a screenshot from her website.

On this new website, Arnold will also allow fans to come behind the scenes. Lindsay revealed that she will be sharing tips about beauty, dancing and of course, information about Dancing With The Stars. These days, she may not be blogging too much as she’s competing on the show and the competition is heating up. She’s dancing for another week with Morris, and she could take this to the very end as he is stepping up his game. And on her website, Lindsay Arnold opens up about how impressed she is with his dancing.

“Overall I just had so much FUN! The energy I feel when dancing on the DWTS stage is truly indescribable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thank you to all those who are supporting and voting for us! You are the reason we are still here and we hope you will continue to keep us around until the very end,” Lindsay Arnold revealed on her personal website, sharing that she’s thrilled with her partner’s performance.

During the switch-up week, Morris worked his butt off to impress Lindsay’s friend, Witney Carson, who was responsible for carrying him through the week. And while he may not have gotten the best scores, he was excited to come back to Lindsay Arnold and work hard for his scores. Morris revealed that he is, indeed, friends with members from N’Sync, and felt that he had to work hard to impress his friends with his dance. If Lindsay and Morris go all of the way to the finale, one can imagine that she will share some exclusive materials on her website.

What do you think of Lindsay Arnold’s new web venture? Will you be checking out her new website soon? Do you think Arnold and her dance partner have a chance of winning the whole thing?

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