British Royal Family Frantically Hid The Word 'Negro' From Painting Moments Before Obamas Arrived To Kensington Palace

An aide for the British Royal Family frantically worked to hide a nameplate with the word "negro" on it just moments before the Obamas arrived for an informal dinner. In the drawing room of Kensington Palace, a piece of art from the Royal Collection hangs on the wall. The image shows a young, black servant boy holding two horses. The piece of art is titled "The Page With Two Horses," but it is also commonly referred to as simply "The Negro Page."

The painting in Kensington Palace includes a display nameplate referring to the image as "The Negro Page." One keen-eyed Royal Family aide noted the detail just moments before the Obamas arrived to meet with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The aid quickly covered the potentially offensive word with a potted plant and lamp.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry greets Michelle Obama with a kiss. [Photo by STAR MAX/AP Images]The Daily Mail reports that aides for the British Royal Family found a potentially offensive word written on a nameplate in the drawing room of Kensington Palace just moments before President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived for an informal dinner with the royals. The word "negro" was discovered on the nameplate for a piece of art that adorned the drawing room and was quickly covered. The aid used a potted plant and lamp to cover the offending word moments before the Obamas entered the room for the first time.

The drawing room was recently redesigned by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The Duchess is a history of art graduate and would have likely been drawn to historic pieces of art such as "The Negro Page" by Albert Cuyp. The large painting was hung centrally behind the main sitting area where Obama would join the royals for conversation. Photographs taken of the royal family with the Obamas are the first to surface of the drawing room since its redesign.

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton redesigned their entire Kensington Palace apartment recently at the cost of $6.5 million taxpayer dollars. However, the young couple used their own funds to purchase furnishings and fixtures for their cozy home in the palace. The redesign, which was performed by Kate along with an interior design specialist, shows the couple's more laid-back style, with Kate choosing to adorn the apartment in a "country home" appearance. The home features numerous family photographs, Prince George's toys, and comfortable couches.

President Obama and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
The offending painting is circled above. The nameplate has been covered with a potted plant and lamp. [Photo by STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]The Duchess of Cambridge also showcased her five-star hosting capabilities by ensuring that the custom-made rocking horse the Obamas gifted Prince George for his birthday was on full display when the president and first lady arrived as well as a stuffed dog given to Prince George by the couple that looks just like their pet water dog Bo. However, the Duke and Duchess also showcased their more thrifty side as well. A drink tray in the drawing room housed low-cost alcoholic beverages, including what appears to be Smirnoff vodka and Gordon's gin, each costing around $18.

Obamas visit Kensington Palace
The Obamas are greeted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry. [Photo by STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]Although the visit from the Obamas started off in hectic fashion with the covering of "The Negro Page" nameplate, it seems that the meeting went well, with President Obama even getting to share a moment with future King George. The little royal stayed up past bedtime to greet the Obamas and even took a ride on his rocking horse in his dressing gown and pajamas.

What do you think about Kensington Palace aides quickly covering the word "negro" before President Obama's arrival? Do you think the Obamas would have been offended by the word had it not been noticed before they arrived?

[Photo by STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]