Elizabeth Warren On The Fast Track To Become Bernie Sanders VP

Elizabeth Warren is the new keyword that could be the determining factor in the Democratic national primary race. Although Warren's views are more closely aligned with that of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has picked up on what the American people want, and there is a chance that she may also try to capitalize on Elizabeth Warren's popularity among voters on the left, especially with millennials who are fervent supporters of Sanders.

But if you think about it, it just makes sense that Warren would be the number one pick for Sanders. So why would he even consider any alternative within the Democratic Party, or any other liberal independents?

Well, there are a few gambles that would make sense to not have her as running mate in the 2016 general election, should Sanders get the nomination. The first of those is her strong voice in the Senate, which is already a breeding ground for the ultra-conservative movement.

Republicans have regained control of the Senate with the help of the far-right-leaning Tea Party movement. If Elizabeth Warren were to leave the Senate to become a Vice President under Bernie Sanders, then that means he would lose strong support in the Senate. That would work against his agenda to bring public healthcare, free college, and Wall Street regulation to the country, which all have been an issue in American politics for quite some time now.

But on the flipside, that exciting notion that Elizabeth Warren could be running with Bernie Sanders on the general election ticket could be just enough to give him the momentum he needs to win over voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and the biggest contest to come – California.

Elizabeth Warren has been very honest and open with the people of the United States about transparency in government, which includes the current faulty tax laws that give billionaires an advantage over the middle and lower class. Warren has fought tirelessly on behalf of equal rights for women and minorities, especially when it comes to gender pay equality. She has also called out Wall Street and tax regulators for their inherent failure to stop major financial crises. She has claimed, with vast amounts of evidence, that they have, indeed, been the cause of the major financial situations that have left millions of Americans without jobs or homes.This is also a platform that Bernie Sanders has been rallying on for decades, which he also bases his entire Presidential campaign around. So, it certainly makes good sense for him to have Elizabeth Warren on the ballot right alongside him in the general election.

Sanders himself has recently teased to MSNBC's Morning Joe that he would be open to having Elizabeth Warren as a VP choice, although he did so with constraint, not committing to it so early, as reported by Politico.

The truth is, there is no ballot big enough should Elizabeth Warren be the VP choice of either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.According to a report by the New York Times, the Clinton campaign named five men who would be a possible VP choice if she should get the nomination (Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Sherrod Brown, Deval Patrick, and Thomas E. Perez). But they also said she might be open to a woman joining that list, which her campaign only mentioned Elizabeth Warren.

One thing of note at this time is that Elizabeth Warren has officially declined to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee during this primary election cycle. But even in spite of that fact, the Clinton campaign has not ruled her out as a possible VP choice, given the immense popularity that Elizabeth Warren has with progressives today.

Although there has been no credible evidence to suggest that Elizabeth Warren will definitely be Bernie Sanders choice for VP, it is fair to assume at this point that she is on the fast track to being his pick.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]