Welfare For Whoopie Pies Refusal Lands Baker In National Spotlight

Welfare for whoopie pies is not a possibility at the Ever So Humble Pie Company owned by Andrea Taber, no matter how much the leaders at the local farmers market complain. The Boston area gourmet bakery controversy is rapidly emerging as the newest battleground in the welfare policy war in America.

The Braintree Farmers Market is reportedly pressuring Ever So Humble Pie Company to accept EBT cards for her baked desserts. Andrea Taber is holding firm in her belief that taxpayers should not be paying for gourmet sweets for welfare recipients. Taber’s welfare for whoopie pies battle rose from a local level debate to a national one when the Ever So Humble Pie Company story caught fire on fiscally conservative websites, Facebook, and Twitter. Taber is currently making the rounds on news and talk shows, detailing the EBT card controversy in which she now founds herself embroiled.

“My email is just incinerated. Ninety-five percent of it is positive. There is a fair amount of venom coming my way,” Taber stated during an interview with the Boston Herald.

While appearing on Fox and Friends Thursday morning, the Ever So Humble Pie Company owner noted she is happy to sell her whoopie pies and other baked goods to everyone but feels the customer should pay for the sweet treats and not the American taxpayers. Taber also noted that she feels EBT cards should be used for essential items, not gourmet or fattening desserts.

“I don’t want people who are victimized enough to feel they can’t go to a place like this and be ostracized. The more you tell people they can’t do things, the more they feel bad about themselves,” Action for Boston Community Development representative John Drew stated during an interview with the Boston Herald.

Braintree Farmers Market chair Donna Ingemanson stated publicly that a decision on whether or not to force Taber’s Ever So Humble Pie Company to take EBT welfare cards has not yet been made, the Boston Herald reports.

Ever So Humble Pie Company owner Andrea Taber returned from the first vacation she had taken in 10 years because there was a run on her bakery. The gourmet baker donned an apron and helped her staff make more whoopie pies for customers who support her opposition to allowing the use of EBT welfare cards to purchase whoopie pies and other desserts.

Do you think that EBT welfare cards should be used to buy gourmet desserts?