Ted Cruz Says Anti-Transgender Bills Will Protect People From 'Predators'

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a comment regarding the various anti-transgender bills throughout the country. Unfortunately, for LGBT rights advocates, the senator said these bills actually help the people and protect them from "predators."

During a campaign event in Lebanon, Indiana on Saturday, Cruz, 45, said that if there were no anti-transgender bills, it would make the public vulnerable to sexual predators.

"There is no greater evil than predators," Cruz said in his campaign rally.

The senator added that if the law allows any man to enter a woman's restroom and stay there simply because he claims that he feels like a woman, it would open doors to "predators."

In another rally in Indiana, the senator stated that transgenders can always use their bathrooms at home and there would be no problems. He said that if a man wants to dress like a woman, he also has the free will and ability to have a bathroom at home.

To make the issue less "confusing" for the media, the senator used his rival Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to illustrate his point.

"If Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he still can't go the girl's bathroom," he said at the campaign rally, which earned cheers and chuckles from the crowd.

He then apologized for giving people the mental picture of Trump wearing a bright blue pantsuit.

In his speech, Cruz also lashed out at Trump, who said that North Carolina's version of the anti-LGBT bill was "problematic." The billionaire and business tycoon has also said that he believes everyone has the right to use the bathroom of their choice.

Trump's support for the LGBT community was seen as a rather surprising stance for someone who is a "moderate conservative."

However, the billionaire's thoughts about the issue have led to Ted Cruz taking the offensive, telling his supporters that such legislations can be "dreadful" for their children.

The senator even launched an ad last week, asking people if they are willing to allow a grown man pretending to be a woman use the same restrooms used by their wives and daughters.

Ted Cruz Camp Releases Anti-Trump and Transgender Ad

"You know the most interesting thing about Donald Trump embracing the PC police is it shows who he really is," Cruz added.

Cruz claimed that it only shows that Trump adheres to the wants of the "elite New York liberals," where he belongs.

However, according to a report by Politifact, Trump explained that people should be allowed to use the bathroom they want because of the economic toll that can harm businesses, particularly in North Carolina.

"It would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country. Leave it the way it is," said Trump in an interview on Today.

The issue on bathroom use laws has long been a controversial one, and Fortune 500 executives and celebrities have agreed that the anti-LGBT movements are a form of discrimination.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to point out that Ohio Governor John Kasich, who recently withdrew from the GOP race in Indiana and gave his support to Ted Cruz, said in a previous interview that he would not have signed the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act.

The bill requires transgender individuals to use public and government bathrooms based on their birth-assigned gender and not their self-identified gender.

This is not the first time that Ted Cruz touched on a controversial topic. Aside from consistently campaigning against allowing transgender individuals to freely use any bathroom they want, the senator has also pushed to ban dildos in the state of Texas.

[Photo by Mike Groll/AP Images]