'Barefoot Bandit': Colton Harris-Moore Breaks Silence From Jail Cell

Xander Deccio

It's been years since we heard from the "Barefoot Bandit," Colton Harris-Moore. The infamous teen who earned the nickname "Barefoot Bandit" after he reportedly committed his crimes barefoot has ignored media requests for interviews... until now.

Harris-Moore recently broke his silence and reached out to KIRO Radio's Ron and Don to speak out about a few things on his mind. One in particular, his mother. Harris-Moore's mother, Pamela Kohler, is dying of Cancer. Harris-Moore wants to cryogenically freeze his mother in order to revive her in the future once a cure is found.

Colton Harris-Moore spoke of how compassionate he is about his mother's chances of living in the KIRO radio interview posted by My Northwest.

"She has a very incomplete life and she is going to die decades before she should. I feel a tremendous sense of guilt because I went on the run and then jail and I haven't been there," Harris-Moore said over the phone while at the Stafford Creek Correctional Center near Aberdeen.

Kohler was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. Harris-Moore noticed something was wrong with Kohler but felt he couldn't do anything about the situation, as he was behind bars.

"I noticed small things like her coughing. If I was out, she would have immediately gone to the doctor. We would have gotten it at stage one, not when it spread to the rest of the body. If I wasn't in jail, it wouldn't be happening the way it is happening right now.

Colton Harris-Moore plans to hire Alcor, a foundation dedicated to cryogenically freezing people's bodies as they die, with hopes of unfreezing them in the future once a cure for their disease is found. Though, the plan might be difficult for Harris-Moore to successfully conquer. His GoFundMe page has only raised $2,170.00 of the acquired goal. According to My Northwest, Harris-Moore explained that the money is for his mother, not himself.

"I don't get any of this money. My family doesn't get any of the money. Pam doesn't get any of this money. It goes straight to Alcor. And it goes to saving someone's life. I think people are willing to support that. They are happy to support saving someone's life."
"If it was up to me, nobody would know who I am. I really do not enjoy the notoriety or the publicity. I do not go by the name 'Barefoot Bandit.' The past is the past. I made a lot of mistakes in my youth and I'm all grown up now."

Recently, Colton Harris-Moore has ignored requests to speak to the media. He has been keeping a blog tracking his thoughts on what's going on in the world today.

[Header photo by AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File]