Taylor Swift's Sexy Coachella Outfit: What The Singer Didn't Want You To See

Taylor Swift returned to Coachella this past weekend in support of her boyfriend Calvin Harris who was headlining for Weekend 2.

Taylor Swift has made some major fashion moves since debuting her platinum blonde hair on the cover of Vogue. The country-turned-pop singer has also ditched her crop tops and skater skirts for black jumpers and Converse sneakers. Swift's style has gotten seriously sexy and slightly edgy lately.

The 26-year-old headed back to Coachella with Calvin Harris and her BFF Gigi Hadid. On the way there, the threesome celebrated Gigi Hadid's 21st birthday with a cake on Taylor's private jet. Seriously. Calvin shared some photos and videos of their mini celebration on Snapchat.

"Cakes on a plane," Calvin captioned the photo that shows Swift and Hadid enjoying a piece of cake as they catch up with each other.

Another photo showed Taylor presenting Gigi with a fruity birthday cake and a surprised look on her face. Gigi captioned the photo "I love you."

In the photos, Swift looks as if she's just wearing a gray sheer blouse and black shorts. Well, little do fans know, underneath her embellished blouse was a black lace-up bodysuit. The lace-up bodysuit has been her sexy little secret lately. According to the Hollywood Life, Swift was wearing the Nasty Gal Lace Up for What Plunging Bodysuit, which costs a whopping $58. The sexy item features a plunging neckline, spaghetti straps, and open lace-up straps across the chest. The back of the suit is also completely open and laced-up.

This isn't the first time that she's worn the sexy lace-up look. In her "73 Questions Interview with Vogue" video, Taylor is seen wearing a ribbed black laced-up shirt that's kind of racy looking. She also wore a similar one in her acceptance video for the 2016 NME Awards. Check out both of the videos below.

The singer was also spotted wearing a black lace-up bodysuit underneath a black boyfriend blazer when she attended a Christmas-themed birthday party.Fans have remarked that Taylor Swift looks unrecognizable with her new hairstyle and punk rock look. Last weekend, the singer showed up at Coachella in an oversized gray T-Shirt and black mini skirt. Swift finished off her edgy new look with a silver star choker and scuffed up gold Converse sneakers.

Does that mean that Taylor Swift will now become the face of Converse instead of Keds? Not necessarily. A Taylor Swift fan account took to Twitter to share a photo from her upcoming ad campaign.

The reason why Swift has been changing up her look since her Vogue cover has something to do with her boyfriend. Harris reportedly loves her sexy new look and hopes that she sticks to it, an insider revealed to the Hollywood Life.
"Calvin absolutely loves Taylor's new platinum hair. He thinks it's a super sexy look and accentuates her natural beauty. He already has the Vogue cover of her framed and hanging on his bedroom wall."
Swift apparently agrees. She called the photo shoot "my favorite cover I've ever gotten to be a part of."
Anna Wintour also hopes that Taylor Swift will stick to her new style. When she spoke on the Vogue podcast, she explained that Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane suggested the idea of giving the singer a surprising makeover.
"We thought that we could take Taylor — who is a beautiful, beautiful girl but has been a little bit more conservative in her fashion choices — and turn her into an Hedi Slimane rock n' roll girl. She was completely up for it and loved it, and is going to hopefully continue with this look."
Wintour also asked Swift to be a co-chair for this year's Met Gala, so it'll be interesting to see what sexy dress Swift will slip into. This year's theme is about the "Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology" exhibit.

Just because the singer is changing up her look, doesn't mean she'll get rid of everything in her wardrobe. Taylor revealed that her favorite fashion trend is "high-waisted stuff," which explains the super-short high-waisted shorts that she paired with her bodysuit this weekend.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift's sexy new look? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]