'Southern Charm': Thomas Ravenel Leaves Kathryn Alone At Hospital After Pregnancy Complications

Another night of Southern Charm is upon us, and Thomas Ravenel continues to fight the (losing) battle to not look like the bad guy, putting his revolving door of relationships in his pregnant girlfriend's face and fighting with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis' various girlfriends. Tonight, Dennis will suffer a pregnancy complication, and Ravenel will leave her at the hospital. Sure, their relationship is bumpy, and Ravenel tends to stress Dennis out, but it is his baby too and Dennis needed Ravenel's support.

According to the Inquisitr, the new season of Southern Charm should be called season of conflict because even the first scene of a dinner party went wrong at Thomas Ravenel's house. The cast, including Shep Rose and Kathryn Dennis, are sitting around the table, as Ravenel calls out each person, and then chases them from the house.

Bustle says that drama is on overdrive on this week's Southern Charm as Kathryn Dennis is rushed to the hospital, and Ravenel has a fight with Kathryn Dennis' friend, Jennifer Snowden, who seems to be the only person, aside from Craig Conover, that is on #teamKathryn.

Bustle suggests that the pair (Ravenel and Dennis) need to get it together if they are ever going to co-parent. But for now, Ravenel needs to stop the childish behavior on social media, which always backfires. Perhaps Ravenel doesn't see himself as picking fights, but on tonight's Southern Charm, he certainly picks one with Jennifer, who has told the rest of the cast of Southern Charm that Ravenel left Dennis at the hospital (perhaps to attend Patricia's party?). Bustle says that Ravenel needs to swallow his pride and move on.

And Enstarz is suggesting that Kathryn Dennis felt abandoned by Ravenel and the rest of the cast of Southern Charm before she went into the hospital, as she has been the nasty topic of gossip and accusations in almost every other scene, including a dinner party at Cameran's, to which neither Ravenel nor Dennis were invited because Cameran doesn't want to hear from either of them. Patricia gave Ravenel the same reason for not inviting Kathryn, but she invited Ravenel, despite his attempts to speak French in a public place. Mon Dieu, Thomas Ravenel!

Dennis took to twitter to say that at least with her in the picture, the cast has something in common.

"By talking about me, at least you have something common to talk about at dinner. Did they say anything else?"

Dennis says that after the nasty (final, she claims) breakup with Ravenel, she has not given up on love but now has a number of deal-breakers, and has learned what she won't put up with in a man.

"...honorable, like they respect you, they don't cheat on you, they love you. I mean, just the normal stuff, but it's very difficult to find in this day and age. There are so many distractions. But I like them tall, dark, and handsome. I'll say that."
Dennis explains that sadly, after Ravenel, it might take her a long time to not be so jaded about love and men, but she hopes that she will be able to find a nice stepfather for her children who will love and teach them.
Blasting News is reporting that Thomas Ravenel admits that Kathryn Dennis is no longer speaking to him, and he has not seen his children in weeks. He claims that he is hopeful that they can work things out and be friends, but has no interest in dating again.

Ravenel says that he loves and misses his children and that they need him in their lives.

Will you watch Southern Charm tonight? Do you think that Thomas Ravenel should have left Kathryn at the hospital?

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