TSA List Of Most Unusual Items Confiscated At Airports So Far This Year

The TSA list of most unusual items confiscated so far this year is both a bit alarming and amusing. Airport TSA screeners have rounded up typical contraband weaponry and more than a few items not commonly packed for a tropical vacation or business trip as well. So far in 2012, 375,432,402 airline passengers have maneuvered through the TSA screening process in the United States. All of the items noted on the TSA contraband list were found either on passenger’s bodies or in their luggage.

Guns: The TSA has confiscated 821 firearms in 2012. Of the 821 guns taken from passengers or their bags, 691 were loaded. A total of 210 of the guns were locked and loaded, according to the TSA blog where contraband information is updated weekly. The most guns found in a single location was at the Atlanta airport. The .380 handgun was the most popular firearm with airport travelers, found 197 times this year. A Portland passenger attempted to hide a gun inside a potted plant, The Blaze notes. The TSA also found ammo and a disassembled gun stored inside three stuffed animals.

Explosives: A bottle wrapped with electrical tape with flash powder inside was also among the airport contraband found by the TSA. Additional live explosives found at American airports include a 40mm grenade, a “viable” cannonball, and three M-80 firecrackers.

Odd Items: A TSA scan revealed a chastity belt was being worn by one passenger; the item was not confiscated. Airport screeners also unearthed bear mace, a grenade launcher, a walker with a knife mounted to the side and a chainsaw during scans at United States airports in 2012. Marijuana was also found hidden inside a jar of peanut butter.