Live Stream April 26 Super Tuesday Primary Election Results: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Face Day Of Decision

On April 26, five East Coast states hold primary elections, and all-day coverage followed by results in the evening will stream live online, as Bernie Sanders fights to survive in his long, uphill battle against front-runner Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary race.

Scroll down this page for a choice of live stream options to get election results and coverage from the five-state primary day.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump appears set to put away his rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich once and for all. Polls show Trump winning by large margins in all five states going to the polls Tuesday — Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

With Trump needing to win 391 of the 700 Republican delegates remaining, a five-state sweep with large margins of victory could put an effective end to the so-called “Stop Trump Movement” that has been counting on some combination of Cruz and Kasich to block Trump’s march to the 1,237 delegate total needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

But the Republican procedures for allocating delegates can be both more simple and more complicated than in the Democratic party. On the simple side, Republicans allow “winner take all” primaries, but on Tuesday, only Delaware will award all of its delegates, 16 in this case, to the top vote-getter statewide.

Things get especially complicated in Pennsylvania, where all but 17 of the state’s 71 delegates are elected directly without any commitment to a specific candidate. The other 54 remain free to vote for anyone at the Republican National Convention in July — even if Donald Trump wins the double-digit victory shown in every Pennsylvania poll taken in April.

The other three states allocate delegates based on both statewide results and results from each congressional district. But there are 172 delegates at stake for the three Republican candidates on Tuesday, and according to calculations by the election-predicting site FiveThirtyEight, Trump must win 97 to remain “on target” for a first-ballot nomination.

By winning all five primaries, as polls say that he should, Trump will automatically secure 73 of those delegates, meaning he would need to pick up just 14 more from the five states to stay on track for 1,237.

In the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders trails in all five states, including by double-digits in the two most delegate-rich states, Pennsylvania and Maryland, that go to the polls Tuesday. He must find a way to turn all five of those polling deficits into big victories to retain any hope of winning the Democratic nomination.

In perhaps a sign of desperation, Sanders surrogate Rosario Dawson brought up the name of Monica Lewinsky in a campaign rally speech on Saturday. Watch Sanders’ response when asked about Dawson’s comments, in the video below.

There are several ways to get a live stream of the April 26 Super Tuesday Republican and Democratic Primary results from the five-state election, which should start becoming clear once polls close in all five voting states at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 5 p.m. Pacific.

ABC News Go — the free, online service provided by ABC News — offers a continuous live news coverage stream in the video below.

For live Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island primary coverage and results with a conservative tint, the right-leaning network Newsmax offers a stream in this video.

One more live stream for election results can be found in the following video.

And lastly, here is one more live stream that will carry April 26 Super Tuesday Primary results and analysis.

To get live, constantly updated raw results from the 2016 Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware Presidential Primary Elections — without commentary or video — go to the Washington Post at this link, or Politico at this link.

For live online streaming and coverage of the April 26 Super Tuesday Primary results — with no cable login credentials required — check out CBS News at this link, or ABC News Go by clicking on this link.


Live streaming feeds with commentary and immediate results from the three major cable news networks are also available online, although they mostly require cable or satellite provider online login credentials. Find the CNN feed at this link, MSNBC here at this link, and Fox News by clicking here. Or try this alternative link to get live Five-State Primary election coverage and results. For a Super Tuesday Primary live stream without the network bells and whistles — or commercials — C-SPAN provides coverage starting at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, 5:30 p.m. Pacific on April 26 at this link.

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