‘Scream Queens’ Star Emma Roberts Teases Season 2 Spoilers

Since Scream Queens closed out its first season, Emma Roberts has kept busy traveling with friends, modeling, and making a memorable appearance at Coachella, but now Roberts is ready to get back to work delivering scares and laughs for Ryan Murphy. The once blonde beauty talks about her preference for her new red hair and dishes all that she knows about the upcoming season 2 of Scream Queens.

Gentlemen May Prefer Blondes, But Emma Roberts Prefers Red

Having red hair is nothing new in the Robert’s family. Emma’s aunt, Julia Roberts, is as famous for her deep red tresses as she is for her unique style of fashion and beauty. For Emma, however, going red was something entirely new and, she admits, a little scary, but once it was done, she found that the new look really suited her.

“I love being a redhead,” Ms. Roberts said. “I’ve never been red before and I feel surprisingly myself.”

Roberts says she needed the change, after having to maintain her long, blonde hair for so long while shooting season 1 of Scream Queens. She adds that the red hair is easier to maintain, though she doesn’t elaborate on why the different colors would affect maintaining the look.

“I thought I would feel like a different person but I feel very me,” says 25-year-old Emma Roberts. “It was nice to change things up after having long blonde hair on Scream Queens for seven months. I feel like a new person.”

Scream Queens Star Emma Roberts Teases Season 2 Changes And Plot Details

Speaking of looks, Ms. Roberts revealed that she’ll be changing her appearance again, when she transforms herself back into Chanel Oberlin for the second installment of Scream Queens. Emma hints that fans may see an end to her newly acquired red hair coloring, as well as any classic look Scream Queens fans might be accustomed to from season 1.

“I don’t know what the transformation’s going to be but I’m sure [the showrunners Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan will have] something up their sleeve,” says Roberts of the changes due for her Scream Queens character.

Early details for season 2 of Scream Queens reveals that the next story will take place in a hospital, where the patients will be subjected to some very unorthodox medical procedures. It has also been revealed that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning for a second go-around as Scream Queen‘s Cathy Munsch, though she’s no longer the dean.

“Dean Munsch [Jamie Lee Curtis] has moved on to great success, she’s abolished the Greek system in the country… she’s written her book, she’s traveled the world and is like, ‘I need a new mission,'” Scream Queens showrunner Brad Falchuk revealed.

Munsch’s new mission revolves around the aforementioned hospital, which she buys with the riches she earned from writing her book. The Scream Queens executive producer reveals that Curtis’ character will run the hospital with her own special brand of micromanagement and suggests that she will be behind the “fascinating and bizarre” patient cases, previously teased.

So what of Emma Roberts in this new story? Along with the other Chanels, Roberts’ character has turned her life around, diving deep into the education offered during her stay at the mental hospital. The women, still led by Emma, have decided to pursue medical careers and, once again, find themselves under Dean Munsch’s thumb.

Lea Michele will be back as Hester as well, but the Scream Queens showrunner hints that the character will become embroiled in another murder, though he suggests that Michele’s Scream Queens character may end up as an unhappy victim this time around.

There is yet to be a firm premiere date set for the second season of Scream Queens.

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