Will We Now Hear Prince Demo with Kylie Minogue and Other Vault Songs?

Since the recent death of Prince Rogers Nelson, there has been a lot said of the “vault” of Prince music that has been tucked away unreleased and mostly unheard. While it may be a few years to hear any of this music, it is possible to surmise a couple of possible releases based on some recent interviews with singer Kylie Minogue and with director Baz Luhrmann.

For example, Kylie Minogue posted a tribute to Prince on her Instagram account and surprised fans by posting a story of a song entitled “Baby Doll” that she wrote and Prince later created a demo. Could this song be in the vault?

“My musical crush since my teenage years. I met Prince after his concert at London’s Earls Court in 1992. I said I would love to work with him and he said, come visit the studio. He asked me where my lyrics were and where would I like my mic set up. Joking with me. I did end up giving him lyrics for a song called Baby Doll. His driver delivered a cassette to me later that night. It was a demo of Prince singing and playing the song Baby Doll he had written using the lyrics. We never recorded it properly. I then had the privilege of visiting Paisley Park. It was a dream come true. Thank you for the music and memories. #ripprince #whendovescry”

In addition, Baz Luhrmann recently lamented to the Hollywood Reporter that the Prince song “Love, Thy Will Be Done” did not make it to the Great Gatsby soundtrack in 2013.

“In one of the great sadnesses that I’ve been reminded of with the passing of Prince is that on Gatsby…I was working with Prince on a song for Gatsby and it was a re-imagined version of a song he did with Martika called ‘Love…Thy Will Be Done’ and it was going to be a major piece in [the film]. And we did work on it. He was in Australia touring and we did some work there. We did further work on it. In fact we worked on it a lot. And there just came a moment when — it’s a co-owned piece and he couldn’t quite get it released. And at that stage I had to make another decision, so I went and worked with Lana Del Rey to do the piece we did.”

In his previous movie Romeo + Juliet, Luhrmann had Prince rework his classic song “When Doves Cry.”

“What I wanted to signal to our audience was you could take something you knew and interpret it in a different way.”

And that he revealed what went through his mind as he asked Prince to reimagine the song for this iconic Shakespeare play.

“We said what if you took that iconic dance track and made it into this pure, religious wedding song. So it’s looking at something, turning it over, using it and interpreting it in a different way.”

So will we ever hear these and more of the alleged thousands of songs that safely tucked in Prince’s vault? Odds are yes, and mostly likely soon, as there is an audience eager to hear any and everything by the prolific musician.

A friend of Prince, MTV co-founder and iHeartMedia president of entertainment enterprise John Sykes, spoke to CNBC about the vault.

“He has just a plethora of music that we don’t even know about yet, that he owns the copyright to, he owns the masters right.”

In addition, Sykes predicts that Prince most likely has “tens” of music videos in this vault, further making his music come alive.

Whether we hear the demo song that Prince created for Kylie, or the unpublished song that he created for Baz’s Gatsby, there are dozens and dozens more surprises in Prince’s vault that grieving fans are ready for and will appreciate during this tragic time of the loss of this musical genius.

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