‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Confronts Ridge About The Paternity Secret And Threatens To Tell Thomas

What will happen next on The Bold and the Beautiful? Katie gets one step closer to discovering the truth about Ridge’s paternity secret. She knows that he has a huge secret about Douglas’ true paternity but isn’t quite sure about the identity of the infant’s real father. After their conversation, Katie is positive she’s figured out who the father is and plans on telling him. Later, Rick muses that Katie stumbled on a whopper of a secret and insisted he can use it to get his position back at Forrester Creations.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Katie is on the case and believes that Ridge is hiding a huge paternity bombshell. She knows that Dr. Wolin had a horrific accident right after talking to Ridge about Douglas’ paternity. Of course, Ridge denied it and stated the doctor was wrong, because Douglas is his son.

“He’s not very pleased that Katie is hounding him with all these difficult questions. She’s been questioning him every day since she heard part of the argument with Dr. Wolin at lunch that day.”

Soap Opera Digest reveals that Ridge isn’t too concerned with Katie’s involvement, because, at this point, Ridge thinks he’s gotten away with fooling everyone into believing that Douglas is his son. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers explain that Ridge firmly believes that he did this for the right reasons, and that is enough to keep the secret buried for a long time. Ridge wouldn’t have lied but he loves Caroline, and she wanted to be a mother more than anything. He knew that his son, Thomas, wasn’t ready to step up to plate. In Ridge’s mind, it was a harmless lie that didn’t hurt anyone.

“Ridge feels like they did the right thing, and doesn’t want it to see this all undone. The doctor definitely stirred the pot a bit, but now that’s brought Katie into it, and Ridge is not happy about that. So, he basically tells her to mind her own business.”

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers explain that Katie doesn’t want to drop it, and it spells nothing but unneeded drama for Ridge. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) indicates that it’s not just about the paternity secret. Katie and Ridge have a history together, and when their relationship fell apart, it hurt both of them very much. Ridge still isn’t happy that Katie decided to reconcile with Bill.

“She’s a loose cannon and a woman scorned. There’s a lot of tension between them and her (painful) accusations aren’t making things any easier.”

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers point out that in Ridge’s mind, it’s not about protecting a secret — it’s about protecting the woman he loves and the life they share. His biggest priority is Caroline’s well-being, and to expose this lie would cause more harm than good. It gets complicated when Katie figures out that Thomas is Douglas’ real father and threatens to expose Ridge.

Soap Central reported that Rick muses that Katie uncovered a secret about Ridge, and he can use it against him to get his position back at Forrester Creations. Maya probes Rick about the secret, however, Rick refuses to tell her any details. The fact is, right now, Rick doesn’t know what the secret is, but the spoilers hint that could change at any moment.

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