‘Atlanta Plastic’ TV Show Features Brazilian Butt Lifts, Breast Implants, And More Cosmetic Surgeries

A Lifetime reality TV show, titled Atlanta Plastic, is getting plenty of buzz online, with the show featuring cosmetic surgeries like breast implants and butt lifts performed by Atlanta-area doctors on Atlanta-area patients — and those outside of the Atlanta area.

As reported by the Inquisitr, while some women are getting saline and silicone breast implants, other women are getting those breast implants removed — along with “gummy bear” implants that were allegedly not leak-resistant — in a new movement called “explant” surgery, or “explantation” surgery, which is growing on social media. With Atlanta Plastic soaring into its second season, Atlanta Plastic may show the popular explant surgeries in the future.


Atlanta Plastic is featured on Lifetime, with three main cosmetic surgeons featured on Atlanta Plastic.

There is Dr. Aisha McKnight-Baron, M.D., of Crawford Plastic Surgery. Crawford Plastic Surgery also is the location of a plastic surgeon shown on Atlanta Plastic named Marcus Crawford. The duo performs many different types of cosmetic surgery options for their Georgia patients. Also featured is Wright A. Jones Plastic Surgery.

The second season’s first episode of Atlanta Plastic was titled “BRING IT! To Atlanta,” and featured another somewhat famous face from reality TV appearing on Atlanta Plastic, as described on the Atlanta Plastic episode description.

“When Mimi Harris from Bring It! shows up on Dr. Crawford’s doorstep, he must use every trick in the book to try to tweak her twerk. Meanwhile, Dr. Jones has his funny bone tickled by a standup comedienne who wants to eliminate her baggage once and for all. And, Dr. Baron has her hands full when a husband and wife beg her for brand new bodies. Will Dr. Baron be able to operate on this adorable couple at the same time? Or, will only one of these lovebirds make it into the OR?”

The fact that all of the surgeons on Atlanta Plastic are graduates of historically black colleges and universities (dubbed HBCUs) is also causing buzz on Twitter.

Some of the folks featured on Atlanta Plastic are people who get turned down for the plastic surgeries they are seeking, either because the cosmetic surgery is unnecessary — like the man who sought a nose job because a previous date told him his nose was too big — or they didn’t have enough fat for a fat transfer. Certain Atlanta Plastic would-be patients are told to jump on a treadmill and improve their diets instead of seeking liposuction. The second episode of the second season of Atlanta Plastic featured a woman who dealt with having a second set of breasts. With four breasts in total, the woman featured in the episode of Atlanta Plastic titled “Bring It! Back to Atlanta” was able to get her condition rectified to her satisfaction.

“Will Dr. Baron deliver when mom Tina from Bring It! shows up with a laundry list of requests? Or will she dance around the issue? Meanwhile, Dr. Crawford is tasked with helping Eric turn from a frog into a prince. Dr. Jones takes on Grace’s secret shame: her four breasts. And, Dr. Baron is surprised when she gets a visit from a former patient.”

The Atlanta Plastic episodes — such as the one titled “I’m Melting! I’m Melting!” — are giving real people real lessons in what to expect from plastic surgery. A couple of the Atlanta Plastic patients who have lost many pounds — from weight loss of 280 pounds or more — found themselves turning to the Atlanta Plastic surgeons in order to get their excess and sagging skin removed. The Atlanta Plastic episode, titled “Who Let the Dogs Out,” featured Dr. Crawford viewing a botched breast implants job. The “Love Yourselfie” Atlanta Plastic episode showed Dr. Jones giving a woman who loved to doctor her selfies a fuller butt. Back in Season 1 of Atlanta Plastic, episodes like “The Ugly Duckling Gets Her Day” featured mommy makeovers and more.

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