Korean Girls Try American And Mexican Sodas — Which Carbonated Drinks Did They Like? [Video]

Earlier this year, Digitalsoju TV — a YouTube channel established back in November of 2013 — garnered plenty of social traction when they uploaded a video of Korean girls trying American barbecue for the first time. The video was technically both a social experiment and educational video to Koreans, as American barbecue restaurants were beginning to open in the country, especially in the Seoul National Capital Area. It is probably safe to say Digitalsoju TV was unsure what would happen after they uploaded the video, but it was successful.

At publication time, over 2.2 million viewers have seen the video. Such popularity would surely prompt Digitalsoju TV to continue making such social experiment/educational videos about food. Two months later, they released another video of Korean girls trying American style pizzas, specifically the New York, Detroit, and Chicago styles. It, too, was a major success, with almost 500,000 views.

Now, Digitalsoju TV has released their third social experiment/educational video in the series. This time, Korean girls try sodas from both the United States and Mexico. Which carbonated drinks did they like?

Calling on an ensemble of Korean girls, which includes A-Ri of YouTube cooking channel ARIKITCHEN (아리키친), and Kim Ji Eun, a Korean model who became more popular thanks to her participation in said videos as reported by Koreaboo, Digitalsoju TV had them try American and Mexican sodas. The lineup of test sodas included four flavors of Jarritos (orange, peach, lemon, and guava), Stewart’s Fountain Classics (orange ‘n cream and cream soda), Dr. Pepper, Barq’s Root Beer, and Squirt. The girls started out with the Jarritos. Though each of them had a preference on flavor, all four flavors were popular with them. Next was the Stewart’s Fountain Classics’ orange ‘n cream and cream soda. The drinks reminded the girls of ice cream and thought they would go well with mixed alcoholic beverages.

carbonated sodas American sodas are notoriously known for containing high fructose corn syrup instead of real sugar. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]The reaction towards American sodas, on the other hand, were mixed. Initially, most of the girls enjoyed the flavor of Dr. Pepper, a soda advertised as having 23 different flavors, which includes vanilla, amaretto, almond, apricot, plum, peach, caramel, blackberry, raspberry, grape, coriander, juniper, and spikenard. After that, Squirt and Barq’s Root Beer came in either second or third place, depending on preference.

In summary, the Jarritos sodas were all liked, the cream soda and orange ‘n cream sodas were liked despite having high fructose corn syrup simply because it tasted like ice cream. Dr. Pepper was the more popular choice alongside Squirt and Barq’s Root Beer, possibly because it uses real cane sugar compared to high fructose corn syrup. As a matter of fact, it is often argued if American sodas would do better if the controversial ingredient were replaced in sodas. According to the Motley Fool, sodas have steadily declined in sales in the U.S. back in 2014. However, some Americans are wanting to drink sodas with real cane sugar in it, claiming the taste is more natural. However, the sales decline is mostly centered on the fact that Americans in general are not drinking as many sodas because they are unhealthy in general.

As a novelty treat, however, sodas are absolutely fine once in awhile. Thanks to Digitalsoju TV, they are showing there are more options out there for Koreans to try, especially with some of the sodas featured starting to be imported into their country. It may surely help them decide if they should make the jump for such an indulgence when they come across such foreign brand sodas in their stores.

[Image via Digitalsoju TV/Facebook]