Kylie Jenner: The Ugly Message Sent By Surgeon’s Words About Teen’s ‘Amazing Metamorphosis’

Take one look at Kylie Jenner pre-treatments and surgeries, and it’s plain to see that the teen has transformed to the point of being unrecognizable to her former self.

Jenner has undergone a number of treatments that have left her with plump lips and a changed face shape. What it truly is she’s had done is only known by the docs who have brought her around to her current appearance. One such doctor is Jenner’s surgeon, Dr. Ourian, who has stated that the teen is going through an amazing “metamorphosis.” As Cosmopolitan reminds, Ourian also stated that he believes the decisions Kylie has made about her face have been “wise.”

It’s become the norm for young women and teens to seek avenues to achieve the appearance they most desire. Unfortunately, it sends a terrible message to young women around the globe.

Sarah Caden, style columnist for the Independent, makes note of this very troubling message Ourian sends and hones in on the manner such an attitude is shifting young women’s focus to.

“According to Dr Simon Ourian, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner is going through an ‘amazing metamorphosis’. Is it really old-fashioned to think that this metamorphosis should be from teenager to woman, just something as simple as that? Is it really boring to believe that would be enough to be going on with?”

Being a teen is tough enough without these new pressures piled on that expect young women to go to extremes in order to attain the look that’s considered to be the most “sexy” or “attractive.” It teaches women to flat out reject their own face and simply get a whole new one.

Interestingly enough, Ourian is surgeon to not only Kylie, but her half-siblings, as well — Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney. Although Kylie has only shared that she has undergone lip injection procedures, Ourian’s comments indicate that there has definitely been other surgeries she has undergone. Simply looking at the teen’s pics from a couple of years back to those from the present is all the evidence needed to draw this conclusion. Kylie is like a whole new woman, quite literally.

Caden points out the sad fact that it seems as though Jenner is doing her best to ensure she resembles her Kardashian sisters, noting the fact that the Kardashians currently are the very embodiment of what it is to be “sexy” by today’s standards.

“[T]hese days Kylie Jenner looks like a Kardashian. Which may well be what she wants. Hell, she wouldn’t be alone. To look like a Kardashian is the ideal to which most selfie-slave young women aspire, it would seem. Theirs is the chin-down, duck-pout facial expression that passes for seductive. And theirs is the pelvis-tipped-back, bum-sticking-out pose that we now see not only in young women’s selfies, but in family photos too, as the need to look hot has no boundaries.”

The sad fact is that these popular public figures seek to undergo these treatments to achieve a level of sex-appeal and attractiveness that will keep them at that level of popularity, yet most followers who admire and seek to achieve the look that the Kardashians and now Jenners have made famous, want to undergo the steps taken to get there but are unable to even afford the treatments.

Jenner has been acknowledged as the star who has inspired millions of young women to undergo lip injection treatments, as doctors have seen a huge increase in the procedures being performed on young women since Jenner had her own done. Botox use is also on the rise by teens and women of an early-adult age.

Caden wraps with a poignant message that hopefully resonates.

“In the way that surgery on an older woman can make her look different, rather than younger, it’s possible that surgery on a young woman makes her appear perfectly jaded.”

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]