Delaware Primary Polls 2016: Republicans Prefer Trump, While Democrats May Come Out Close

There’s only one 2016 Delaware primary poll from this month available for both Democrats and Republicans, but even that lone survey gives the public an idea of how things will play out in the First State.

With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton leading in all of Tuesday’s contests, their momentum in primary polls in Delaware could easily carry over into five-out-of-five state wins.

2016 Delaware primary polls Republicans Democrats
Historic Delaware was one of the first place European settlers arrived in the United States. On Tuesday, it holds its Democratic and Republican primaries. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Republican Primary Polls 2016

Although there is just the one Republican poll, it’s hard to imagine Donald Trump’s commanding lead slipping in Gravis’ match-up of the candidates. Delaware GOP voters seem to be indicating a strong preference for Trump. More than half of respondents pledged support for Donald — 55 percent. In contrast, John Kasich came in second with 18 percent to Ted Cruz’s 15 percent.

Also in Trump’s favor, the Gravis poll had a sample of 1,038 likely Delaware primary voters and was released just a week before the state’s election. Both of these factors, as well as Trump’s 37-point spread, make him a solid bet for the victor.

Even though the Delaware primary boasts a modest number of delegates, Donald is guaranteed all 16 of them if polls prove true. At least, that is, until the convention. Delaware’s delegates are only bound for the first ballot they cast at the convention, meaning that if they go to a second round, they won’t necessarily have to vote for Trump, explained Vox.

“This year, around 95 percent of GOP delegates are bound to particular candidates initially. But by the second ballot, only 25 percent or so will still be bound — a massive change that drastically shakes up the math of the contest. By the third ballot, even more delegates would be released from their pledges.”

Because of the possibility of Donald losing at the convention despite polling the highest in the 2016 primaries, Delaware GOP insiders told Politico that the Trump campaign sent former Ben Carson aide Joe Uddo to pressure the state to select delegates who supported the real estate tycoon. Sources told the news site that Uddo even threatened to tweet about “backroom deals” in Delaware if they would not fall in line with his demands.

“One of our delegates is just a little old lady. This is not cigar chomping, tobacco spitting guys with three piece suits. These are just normal Delawareans, hardworking, retirees.”

Democratic Primary Polls 2016

For Democrats, the same Gravis poll also had a sizable 1,026 respondents. Although not quite as decisive as on the Republican side, Bernie Sanders is still coming in 7 percentage points behind Hillary with a 3.1-percent margin of error.

Apart from primary polls, Delaware’s superdelegates are leaning toward Clinton as well. Five of them, out of a total of 10, have pledged their support for Hillary, reported the Green Papers. The other 21 will be divided proportionally based on who wins in four specific zones of the state as well as at the state level.

Delaware primary polls will happen 2016 Republicans Democrats
Hillary Clinton is polling ahead of Bernie Sanders in all 5 states up for voting on Tuesday, including the Delaware primary. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Delaware has a relatively small population, with just under one million total inhabitants. Only the Dakotas, Alaska, Wyoming, and Vermont have fewer people. In Tuesday’s primaries, it will also be offering the least amount of delegates of the five races.

Now that you’re up to date on the latest 2016 Delaware primary polls, you can check out the Inquisitr’s other breakdowns for the Democratic and Republican races in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maryland.

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