Moviegoer Accidently Shoots Himself In Buttocks

A 56-year-old audience member of “The Bourne Legacy” accidently shot himself in the buttocks inside a Centrury 14 movie theater on Tuesday. reports that the man had brought the gun in and attempted to adjust himself in his seat during the movie. When he adjusted himself, his gun fell out of his pocket and hit the floor. The gun then discharged and hit the man in the buttocks. The man, before getting up and leaving the building, stood up and apologized to everyone in the audience. No one else was hurt in the accident at 1250 Victorian Avenue in Sparks.

Police later found the man at a Reno hospital as he was being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Sparks police Sgt. Pay Dyer says in a statement issued on Tuesday,

“The (man) was cooperative with police and admitted that his gun fell out of his pocket and when it hit the floor it discharged.”

Police stated, in an email at about 11 PM on Tuesday, that “there was no panic in the theater as only five people heard the shot out of the approximate 30 people in attendance.”

This accident comes about a month after the Aurora, Colorado “Dark Knight Massacre”, the shooting in which James Holmes killed 12 audience members and wounded 58 others.

According to Newser,the man does have a valid permit to carry concealed weapons but the city’s attorney office will consider pursuing possible charges.

Even though this man accidently shot himself, he is very lucky to have not wounded any nearby members of the audience.