Bill Maher Accuses The U.S. Military Of 'Mass Murder': Rips Trump's Attempt To Change Public Perception

Bill Maher called the U.S. military a "mass murder machine" on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday, and if he was going for shock and awe, he got it. The Daily Beast reports that his latest controversial remark came after the comedian and political pundit went to work mocking Tuesday's New York primary -- specifically, Donald Trump's attempt to "act presidential" in his opening monologue.

Maher is not buying this newly reserved, G-rated, non-venomous impersonator that has made an almost subdued appearance. His new team is being lead by Paul Manafort, a former aide to Senator Bob Doyle, and his strategy is to convince doubters that Trump is presidential and reasonable, and that his behavior -- the mean tweets, name calling, and incendiary megalomaniac behavior -- was all an act, and once elected he will be much different.

"The last 30-years as the world's biggest douche bag, that was just to get us ready. Oh, please, the thought that this guy could ever change his stripes, that he can be presidential."
He went on to say that the three minutes Trump spent on stage at the New York primary acting civilized and calling his opponents by their proper names doesn't mean that he is fit to be president.
"He called Cruz 'Senator' instead of 'lyin,' it lasted three minutes. You can get a chimp to ride a tricycle for a little while."
The idea that the Republican presidential candidate can be tamed, or that what we have seen thus far is a "character" was laughable not only to Maher, but seemingly his entire panel, which consisted 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl, conservative writer Charles Cooke, and CNN contributor Van Jones who thinks that Donald Trump has desensitized us to absurd behavior.
"The fact that he doesn't drop trou at one press conference means he should be on Mount Rushmore. It's completely insane that we are even having a conversation about him."
It was during a discussion about Republicans using ISIS to stroke the flames of fear as an excuse to increase our military presence that his eyebrow-raising comment came out. He was discussing why so many people -- himself included -- love Bernie Sanders. He mentioned that he was on the Fox News website, and they were promoting a Brett Baier special, Rising Threats, Shrinking Military, which he thinks is B.S.
"People don't read the paper so they don't know we're actually rolling back ISIS. They are losing. And even if they were a threat, they're not the kind of threat we need to have a bigger military to fight. It's a different kind of threat. And of course, our military is not drinking. We have the most ridiculous, rock-with-your-c*ck-out mass murder machine the world has ever seen."

The viewing audience didn't see Stahl or Cooke's reaction, but the camera shot to Jones who looked very uncomfortable as he fanned himself with his cue cards.

He said that while Hillary Clinton wouldn't dare say that an increased military presence is necessary for fear of losing votes, Bernie Sanders would because he isn't part of the "establishment." Bill Maher's continued his attack on Clinton, accusing her of gloating over her New York primary win and her favoritism in the black community over his choice, Bernie Sanders. He mocked her by saying she practically drank hot sauce out of her bag, seemingly accusing her of pandering. On GMA's Town Hall on Thursday, she talked about how much she loves hot sauce, a fact that was well established before this campaign.

Bill Maher accuses Republicans of fear mongering.
[Photo by Jae C. Hong/AP Images]In the midst of promoting shock and awe he "pimped" HBO's Silicon Valley, and was dangerously close to "fanning out" on actor Thomas Middleditch. Playwright Lawrence Wright, whose play Camp David debuts next month, was also a guest.

Bill Maher is accustomed to provoking anger with incendiary comments and his latest statement labeling the U.S. military as "Ridiculous Mass Murderers" is going to get a lot of heat. It will be fascinating to hear how he responds because he will have something to say to his critics, just like Trump. You can catch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO on Fridays.

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