What startups can learn from fluffy bunnies

Duncan Riley - Author

Oct. 10 2016, Updated 2:59 a.m. ET

With so much vitriol this week as TechCrunch50 tried to kill DEMO, then got trumped by Steve Jobs, we need a positive antidote to the negativity. What better way to consider how startups can be better than considering something so universally loved by all: fluffy bunnies.

Here’s what startups can learn from fluffy bunnies.

Fluffy bunnies are cute

In a week where Scoble called every company presenting at DEMO awful due to their websites, style remains an important factor in the mix. Fluffy bunnies are nice to look at, and so should your website. You may have the best idea in the world, but people will be repulsed if your website looks like a Chinese Crested Dog instead of a fluffy bunny.

Fluffy bunnies live in warrens

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In an age of environmental awareness, and low carbon footprints, cheap sustainable accommodation is the name of the game. Less than a quarter of the companies presenting at DEMO came from Silicon Valley, proving that you don’t have to have the flashest office in Palo Alto to succeed.

Fluffy bunnies have several exits for safety and quick escapes in their warrens

Starting a site like Twitter with no business model on the idea that some where along the line you might have a viable business was never a good strategy, and that’s even more so now with a slowing economy. Startups need to focus on an exit strategy, and ways to get out if things aren’t going well. Bunnies always know their exists, and they don’t wait around praying for miracles.

Fluffy bunnies have eyes on the sides of the head, delivering a 190 degree field of vision

Know your competition, see the threats and opportunities, and stay on your toes. You need to be focused on your goals, but never focus blindly on them, and learn to except that things can and do change.

Less than 10 percent of all abandoned wild baby bunnies survive.

You’ve left the safety of your corporate job chasing your dream, but the bad news is that most startups fail. 10% on a good day survive.

Fluffy bunnies are excellent at jumping.

How high would you like me to jump, Mr VC? Sometimes you’ve got to show off and spin a little to close the round you need. Practice your skills, and be prepared to jump in when the opportunity arises.

Fluffy bunnies can’t throw up. They can gag, but they can’t vomit.

Stay strong, learn to not fall to pieces when things aren’t going your way. Try not to lash out, learn to gag on your frustration instead.

Fluffy bunnies have long ears for gathering sounds and determining where the sound came from

Learn to network well. Be seen, and use the opportunity learn. Listen to what people are saying about your business and the competition. Talk to smart people. Always be open to feedback, and be prepared to take the criticism as a learning experience, not a kick to the head.

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