WWE Rumors: Finn Balor To Debut At 'Monday Night Raw' With Bullet Club And Begin Major Program With AJ Styles

Last night at a live event in Lowell, Massachusetts, Samoa Joe captured the NXT Championship from Finn Balor, and WWE.com confirmed the title change. As soon as the title change happened, there was immediate speculation that Balor would be heading to the WWE main roster and something big would be happening. The rumors are heating up as of Friday morning, and now they include former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and AJ Styles.

Oh, and now there is the possibility that Balor could actually debut as soon as Monday Night Raw on April 25.

After Samoa Joe won the championship, there were concerns that Finn Balor had actually been legitimately injured in the match. He looked like he was favoring his ankle, and the referee threw up the "X" sign before the match ended about a minute or two later.

Things didn't seem too serious with the injury after that, and the night ended with fans thrilled and the NXT Title around the waist of Samoa Joe. That was when the speculation really started.

Sportsrageous believes that Finn Balor is going to end up debuting at WWE's next big pay-per-view, which is Payback slated for May 1. AJ Styles has a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns, and it seems like the perfect set-up.

wwe rumors finn balor debut bullet club payback aj styles push program monday night raw
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In the past week, former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows officially debuted in WWE and reunited with AJ Styles. They said they have his back and also took out Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw, and then they distracted The Miz on SmackDown to help Styles win that match.

Each time they offer their assistance, Styles looks on in confusion as if he doesn't know what they're doing or why.

wwe rumors finn balor debut bullet club payback aj styles push program monday night raw
[Image via WWE]

Maybe they will help Styles win the WWE Title at Payback and thus turn him full-on heel. Then, Finn Balor could make his debut and join the stable to have it be Bulletproof, Bulletproof Balor Club, Balor Club, or whatever WWE decides to call it.

Another option is to have Balor debut at Payback with Anderson and Gallows flanking him, and they could cost AJ Styles the title. This would then lead to a feud between Styles and Balor that would essentially blow the minds of all wrestling fans.

With all of the clues pointing to Finn Balor debuting at the PPV and making a huge splash with the "crazy push" he's about to get, there are other possibilities. WWE could hold off and have him hit the main roster at the Monday Night Raw after Payback, or it could be much sooner than that.

WrestleZone posted a fan video from after the NXT event in Lowell last night, and the fans were waiting for the stars to come out to the bus. Finally, Finn Balor emerged and had something very interesting to say to those waiting outside.

Yes, Balor told the fans to quiet down a bit before he boarded the bus, and he then told them, "I'll see you all Monday!"

While not confirmed, he doesn't specifically state which Monday he is talking about. Losing the NXT Title now could have fans thinking that he's going to show up right now, or WWE may hold off a week to have Balor make his debut.

Either way, it's going to make even more viewers tune into Monday Night Raw this week, then Payback, and then Raw the next week see when he finally shows up.

Finn Balor losing the NXT Title to Samoa Joe pretty much means that "The Demon" is heading to the WWE main roster very soon. There are three real possibilities, and it's this week on Monday Night Raw, next Sunday at Payback, or the night after on Raw. Balor is about to be pushed to the moon, and he's going to see former Bullet Club members involved. AJ Styles is going to play a huge part in it all as well. Things are about to get very exciting.

[Image via WWE]