Susan Sarandon Talks Smoking Pot With David Bowie On ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ With Rose Byrne

Actress Susan Sarandon appeared on Watch What Happens: Live with Rose Byrne on Thursday and spoke of her relationship with her ex-lover, the late David Bowie.

Sarandon, 69, was on the chat show Watch What Happens Live with her co-actress in The Meddler, Rose Byrne, talking about their latest new movie. During the interview, she paid a moving tribute to her former lover, the late David Bowie and admitted with a huge grin that they used to smoke pot together.

Reportedly their three-year affair started after shooting their 1983 movie The Hunger. Initially when a viewer asked her to talk about her former lover, Susan said “Absolutely not.”

However, as reported by the Daily Mail, when host Andy Cohen asked what kind of guy he was, Sarandon, wearing one of her new “Call Your Mother” T-shirts, did warm up a little and gave a tribute to David Bowie, who passed away in January this year aged 69.

When explaining her initial refusal to talk about her time with Bowie, Susan said, “Oh brilliant, gracious, funny… private.”

She did, however, continue by saying that David Bowie was “really smart” and that she loved the way he kept “changing up.”

“Really smart. I loved the way that he kept changing up, he didn’t do one thing. Pretty brave. When I knew him he was pretty stable, as opposed to early days maybe.”

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Sarandon went on to say that Bowie had found a “great love” in Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, his wife.

Sarandon was then asked if she had “smoked it up with David Bowie,” to which she grinned widely and said, “Yeah!” She then received a high five from Cohen for her admission and pretended to puff on a joint live on the show. When asked how many times she has lit up, Susan admitted to doing so immediately after an Oscars ceremony, when visiting a national monument and also at weddings.

Speaking of the pretend joint (pictured below), Susan said, “That wasn’t lit, what’s the fun in that?”

Susan Sarandon
[Image Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne via Bravo TV]
Cohen then asked her when someone should know they have smoked too much pot, and she joked, “I would say when you can’t find the joint that you lit it’s probably time to stop.”

Sarandon went on to talk tattoos, Cher, her Twitter war with Debra Messing and other issues.

It was then time for Sarandon and Rose Byrne, who plays her onscreen daughter in their new movie The Meddler, to compare notes on their best onscreen kisses.

In Susan’s case her eyes lit up when talking about kissing Kevin Costner on Bull Durham, saying when asked that he is probably still a good kisser today.

Rose was a little more diplomatic, saying her best kiss ever was with her husband, Bobby Cannavale.

Their new movie The Meddler is a comedy film about a mother (played by Sarandon) who moves from New Jersey to Los Angeles following the death of her husband, as she wants to be closer to her daughter (Rose Byrne). As can be gleaned from the title, she then starts interfering in the lives of first her daughter and then her friends.

The Meddler aired at the Tribeca Film Festival and opens in theaters on April 22.

Watch the trailer for the comedy below.

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