Susan Sarandon Says ‘It’s Sexist’ To Vote For Hillary Clinton Just Because She Is A Wowan

American actress and political activist Susan Sarandon said in a recent TV appearance that people should stop pressuring women into voting for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman.

Sarandon, 69, appeared on The View on Tuesday morning to talk about the New York primaries and her support for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Considered as Clinton territory, the talk show is hosted by women — Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Candace Cameron Bure, Michelle Collins, Paula Faris, and Raven-Symoné.

Interestingly, Sarandon still argued that women should not feel pressured to vote against Clinton, 68, who is a female candidate. Co-host Raven-Symoné then showed interest in the actress’ argument, saying that it is interesting for Sarandon not to feel pressure to support Clinton.

“I feel like some women might feel pressure,” said the co-host, who admitted that it is her first time talking about political issues.

Meanwhile, Sarandon replied that there was “certainly pressure.”

“There’s been so many statements and shaming,” she added.

However, the actress pointed out that she still would want to have a female U.S. president, but one who did not come from a rich family and one who’s not married to a former U.S. president.

In another interview, Sarandon also said that Hillary Clinton is the “best Republican” running for the presidency.

“She’s completely a Republican. Everything that she stands for and doesn’t stand for is Republican,” said the actress.

Entertainment Weekly also had a brief talk with Sarandon, where she was asked whether it is sexist to vote for Hillary. She plainly answered, “Yes of course.”

“It’s sexist to imagine that a woman is doing anything based on her gender. I mean, you have the right to choose everything,” she added.

She argued that it is a disservice to the entire feminist movement when women are required to vote for a presidential candidate not because of her platform or plans but mainly due to her gender.

She claims that the people who are doing the “shaming” are what they call “feminist icons.”

In the EW interview, she further stated that if she were going to support a woman, then she would support Sarah Palin instead.

Meanwhile, Clinton is still leading the Democratic race against Sanders. But while Clinton is winning polls and the number of delegates, Sarandon still does not thinking that she will win the Democratic nomination.

“I’m not even admitting that she’s going to get the nomination,” she said on the talk show. “I’m not going there, no.”

On the other hand, she also talked about what Sanders, 74, can bring to the nation once he wins the nomination and eventually becomes president. She said that for the longest time, Sanders has been the only candidate who has not taken money from Wall Street.

The veteran actress believes the senator has a moral commitment because he does not owe Wall Street anything. She also stated that Sanders is not “connected to the machine.”

According to Sarandon, Sanders can easily beat Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in the general elections as indicated by numerous national polls.

Later in the talk show’s segment, Susan Sarandon agreed when someone suggested that there may be a lot of “in the closet Bernie lovers” who believe they need to vote for Clinton to be considered a real feminist.

The actress claimed that she has even talked to some superdelegates who said that they regret giving their early vote to Clinton and not Sanders.

Meanwhile, Clinton and Sanders once again clashed at the New York primaries, where the former garnered the majority of votes.

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