Jodie Sweetin Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Injured: Will She Dance This Week?

The news is out that Jodie Sweetin of Dancing With the Stars has been injured. Hollywood Life revealed what happened to Jodie and if she will get to dance this week or not. During a DWTS rehearsal, Jodie Sweetin had to be taken to the hospital in Los Angeles. It was a bad enough injury that an ambulance showed up to take Jodie Sweetin away. This is sad news, considering that last week was her best performance all season, and at this point, it looks like Jodie could end up winning the show. A terrible injury could take her totally out of the show.


Her team from Dancing With the Stars was able to confirm that Jodie Sweetin was taken to the hospital. Here is what they shared with Hollywood Life.

“Earlier today, Jodie injured her left foot during rehearsals for Dancing with Stars. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and she is awaiting her official diagnosis. She is in good spirits while she waits and Keo, along with her fiancee Justin Hodak, are by her side.”

At this time, there are no updates about how Jodie Sweetin is doing. She was taken in and is being checked out. The next live show isn’t until next Monday night, so if it is something small Jodie would have plenty of time to recover. There is also a chance that Sweetin could miss out on dancing next Monday or even be pulled out of the show entirely if her injury is bad enough.


Daily Mail shared that Jodie Sweetin actually twisted her ankle, according to their source. The source revealed that it had just happened and at this time it was unclear if she would dance on Monday or not. Earlier today, Jodie Sweetin was spotted showing up for rehearsal and had Starbucks with her. She was wearing flip flops at the time and was obviously doing just fine. Last week she danced with Val for the switch up week, but this week she is back with her partner Keo Motsepe again. At this time, Keo has not posted any updates on her condition either.

Contestants have been known to dance while injured in the past, but if the doctor feels like Jodie Sweetin needs to take some time off, then she will have to do that in order to take care of herself. If she doesn’t dance at all, Jodie will end up getting sent home. You can change up a pro and continue on the show, but if the celebrity is injured and can’t even do the dress rehearsal, their time on the show will be over.

Jodie Sweetin hasn’t been on Twitter at all today, even though she is normally using it to update fans. Fans are stalking her on social networks and hoping for some sort of update. This is probably how everyone will find out more information on how Jodie is doing now. Her last tweet was yesterday.


Do you think that Jodie Sweetin stands a chance of winning Dancing With the Stars this season? Hopefully they will update fans soon on how she is doing and if she will be able to dance next week. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Dancing With the Stars on Monday nights.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]