'Supernatural' Fans Get A Glimpse Of Chuck's Return: Is He Really God?

For the last few months, Supernatural fans have known that prophet Chuck was going to come back to the show. Now, they get the chance to see a glimpse of his return, although the reason and his inclusion in the episode are still tightly under wraps. The question most of the SPN Family want to know is whether he really is God.

The last time Chuck, played by Rob Benedict, was seen was in the 200th episode, titled "Fan Fiction." He turned up right at the end, as the producer. Fans wanted to see more, because they believe he will turn out to be God. And it is about time God showed up on Supernatural.

Fans have suspected he was God since Season 5, when he turned out to be a prophet writing about the Winchester brothers in a book series called Supernatural. It meant the writers had another direction to include the fans in the world of the Winchesters, introducing conventions and alternate universes where Supernatural is popular.

Still, God has never been introduced, and Chuck was supposedly killed at the end of Season 5. Then he showed up in Season 10, and it blew the Supernatural theorists away.

Season 11, Episode 20 will see the return of Chuck. Episode stills have been shared, which show Chuck with his laptop and with what looks like a lounge microphone behind him. It is clear that he is still writing, but is he singing as well? If he is writing, what could he be writing about? The books stopped after Chuck's "death," and "Fan Fiction" showed that, after "Swan Song," the continuation was up to the fans.

Buddy TV shares the synopsis for Supernatural Season 11 Episode 20. Amara is back and will release a dark fog to destroy humanity. It is a new, stronger version of the initial vein virus seen in the Season 11 premiere, but Sam's cure will not work this time. As the Winchesters find a way to stop her, Chuck will return with an "interesting proposal."

This hints that Chuck either knows where God is or is God and will help bring an end to The Darkness. Another option is that, as a previous prophet, he knew how The Darkness was stopped the first time and will be able to help the Winchesters stop her this time. He may also know where another Hand of God is, and be able to harness the power to stop Amara completely.

It is unclear whether Chuck is only returning for this episode or not. Supernatural has not confirmed if he will return again, hinting that he may not be God after all. Surely, if he was God, he would be there until the end now to fight Amara and lock her away again. This has led to the speculation that he is not God but does know where God is and can lead the Winchesters to him.

Fans will have to wait two more weeks to see Chuck back on the show. His episode will air on May 4, 2016. This week is another week off from the new episodes, and Supernatural will return next Wednesday with an all new episode. The Winchesters will face a creature they have never seen before, and only attacks once in a generation.

The UK has now also started airing Supernatural Season 11. The show started Wednesday on E4, not long after Season 10 finished. The UK had a long break between Seasons 8 and 9, when it was difficult for a network to pick up the show. UK Supernatural fans will soon get to find out more about The Darkness and whether Chuck really is God.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]