WWE News: NXT Champion Finn Balor Reportedly Getting ‘Crazy Push’ Upon Main Roster Debut This Summer

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has been a major star for the NXT brand pretty much since he arrived. Interestingly enough, an injury to Hideo Itami is believed to be what led to WWE pulling the trigger on having Balor win the NXT Title in Japan. WWE even teased a possible match with Itami for the championship the night Balor won the title. The sad news is that Itami has been out with an injury for almost a year.

He was supposed to be back by around the first of the year, but complications have caused him to miss more time. Some believe, however, that Itami is set to make his return soon and very well could enter a program with Balor for the NXT Title. It is uncertain however. What is certain is that Finn Balor is main roster ready and the seeds are being planted for a call-up seemingly any day now.

It was reported that WWE was considering either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor for a call-up this summer, but it does appear as if Balor will be the man they bring up. It was said for some time that when Balor did get the call, he would be used in a big way on day one. It seems those assumptions or claims have merit. According to Daily Wrestling News, the current storyline involving AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson is going to lead to the call up of Finn Balor, most probably in a way that makes him a heel from the outset.

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The rumor is that Balor will be rivaling Roman Reigns for the WWE World Title at some point later this year, so there is a thought that Balor could end up going after the championship by WWE SummerSlam. This is of course uncertain as of now. While AJ Styles may or may not be part of the Balor Club faction, it is being said that the group will feature more than just Gallows, Anderson, and Balor himself. While Styles could always be the fourth man, that very well could go to another young NXT Superstar.

WWE is said to be going back and forth with Finn Balor. They all know that his call up is supposed to be done well and that he will be involved in some sort of major angle. The problem is that they don’t know what they want that angle to be right now. This is why there has been some speculation that Balor could end up coming in with a totally different storyline even away from Gallows and Anderson upon his immediate arrival.

It is said that, regardless of how he debuts, he will be getting a “crazy push” immediately. That means Balor will be coming up with style. In an interesting note to this, WWE announced a title match between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe taking place at a house show this week on the NXT show Wednesday night. WWE never announces stuff like this without reason, which could be why they brought up something interesting.

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They claimed “you never know who might show up,” leading some to speculate that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson could be seen at the show. Could they be involved in the title decision?

There is something big planned and it could start from that moment on, so it will be interesting to see where WWE takes this. Triple H is said to be very high on Finn Balor as is Vince McMahon. The Game has held Balor back from random call ups for some time now, and the thought is that he will not allow Balor to be called up to the main roster without a major plan in place for him immediately that would make him a major star.

This means the future of Finn Balor outside of WWE NXT could be very bright, especially with the Cerebral Assassin sort of watching over the entire process. That means those who worry he won’t get proper treatment on the main roster may need to wait and see what WWE has planned for him this year.

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