Leah Messer Upset With ‘Teen Mom 2’ Editing, Reality Star Says Feelings Were Mutual With Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer has had a rough go this season of Teen Mom 2. She has been under a lot of pressure since the divorce from Jeremy Calvert last summer, and it appears it is eating away at her. Messer has made some questionable parenting choices when it comes to her twin girls, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying her best. Teen Mom 2 fans watched as the girls were ripped away from her last October and primary custody was given to their father, Corey Simms. Messer was devastated but knew she had to move forward for her children.

From smoking in the car with the children to getting them to school late, Leah Messer has come under fire a lot during Season 7 of Teen Mom 2. Generally, she remains quiet about what is going on, but it appears that she is just plain fed up at this point. According to Us Weekly, Leah Messer is calling out MTV for their editing on Teen Mom 2. She is insisting that the conversation she had with Jeremy Calvert was not as one-sided as they made it seem. In fact, the feelings between the exes were mutual.

Fans aren’t having a hard time believing it, because as much as the two once loved each other, feelings just don’t disappear moments after a divorce happens. While Messer and Calvert opted not to reconcile and moved on with separate people, that conversation was special for them both.

Speculation is that this may be the last season of filming for Leah Messer. The criticism is getting worse with each mistake that is filmed. Teen Mom 2 fans have ruthlessly attacked the young mom. For everything that has gone wrong, there have been positives as well. Messer has been trying to be on track with all of her girls. They have been given back to her, and she now shares joint custody with Corey Simms. Addie lives with her full-time and sees Jeremy Calvert on the weekends and when he isn’t working out of town. If Messer wasn’t capable of raising her girls, the courts would have removed them by now. Her entire life has played out on Teen Mom 2, and there are no secrets.


There have been accusations that Leah Messer has been battling a prescription pill drug addiction. This has never been confirmed, only denied. Recently, Leah Messer appeared on Steve Harvey but totally dodged the question he asked her about drug abuse. Both Messer’s ex-husbands have spoken out about suspected addiction, but neither has confirmed when it happened or what was used. During the conversation she had with Jeremy Calvert on Teen Mom 2 Monday night, he told her there were many nights he worried about the safety of the girls. There was no elaboration, but that statement was scary enough to hear.

Teen Mom 2 is still airing Season 7 and the reunion shows will be up next. Leah Messer will likely talk about how the custody issue with the twins was resolved, and what she has been up to since filming ended. Messer was rumored to have been dating T.R. Dues while filming, but there has been no mention of him at all. In fact, there hasn’t even been a glimpse of him on film. Reports indicated they were even living together at one point. Fans are hoping the Teen Mom 2 star will address that during the reunion as well. This is not the first time Messer has thrown a fit about the editing, and it likely won’t be the last. Reality television isn’t a reflection of real life — it is a reflection of how the show wants people to see Leah Messer.

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