Kylie Jenner Engaged, Wants To Leave ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are still together despite the non-stop cheating allegations. Reports have surfaced that the 18-year-old is set on marrying the rapper and leaving Keeping Up with the Kardashians behind.

According to a report posted on Starcasm, Kylie Jenner accepted Tyga’s marriage proposal in an effort to make Blac Chyna jealous. She wants to compete with Blac Chyna’s upcoming wedding to brother Rob Kardashian. Jenner is so angry about their wedding that she’s willing to wed her boyfriend despite the news that he cheated on her yet again.

Tyga has already been accused of cheating on Kylie four times in the past year. The most recent time was with a Brazilian model named Annalu Cardoso. Then there was the time when Tyga was accused of flirting with a 14-year-old aspiring singer on Instagram, who claimed she was 17 in their conversations. Now he’s been accused of cheating on Kylie with a lookalike model who goes by the name Tiffani Kathleen.

Last year, the “Stimulated” rapper was accused of having an affair with transgender model and actress Mia Isabella, who provided explicit photos and screenshots of their conversations on a celebrity gossip blog.

Tiffani told the Hollywood Gossip that she and “several other women” had been invited to Tyga’s dressing room following his concert in Brisbane. Tiffani claimed that she could have provided more details if she wanted to, but Tyga required the women to sign confidentiality agreements.

“It was like a dream. Tyga was lovely, he was really relaxed and chilled and really humble. There was no talk to Kylie or the Kardashians or any family stuff.”

But it seems like the young and impressionable Jenner teen isn’t too bothered by this recent cheating rumor. According to the Mirror, Jenner wants to ruin Blac Chyna’s special day by “marrying Tyga in [a] lavish ceremony.” Both the Sun and the Mirror are reporting that though their feud cooled off earlier this year, “there’s no one on earth Kylie hates more than Blac.”

“Kylie believes…Blac will stop at nothing to get back at Tyga,” an alleged source claimed.

The teen has reportedly planned “a one-woman mission to ruin their wedding and is determined to make hers the most talked about.”

The reason why their engagement is top secret is because momager Kris Jenner wants to reveal it on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, of course. But will Kylie leave the reality show once she gets hitched?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian could see themselves having more airtime on the shows. Sources revealed that Rob has been bugging Kris to give his fiancée a contract in order to boost ratings on the struggling E! series. Kris is open to the idea, while Kylie is planning to leave the show behind if she follows through with it.

“Kylie cannot believe that Kris would even possibly consider this, but it is [a] very real possibility now.”

In recent episodes of the reality show, Jenner and her boyfriend have become the forefront since the other sisters are growing up. Jenner fears that she will be “pushed aside” once Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s whirlwind romance becomes center stage.

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Over the weekend, Kylie debuted her new purple, blue, and green hair at Coachella. She also made sure that fans knew that the two are still together by sharing a Snapchat video of Tyga’s arm tattoo that reads “Kylie.”

But the Courier Mail newspaper has a different story to tell about the couple’s troubled relationship. The 26-year-old rapper reportedly “stormed” out of an interview in Brisbane on Wednesday after he was asked about his young girlfriend.

“Enter of interview,” he declared before he walked out.

It’s unclear what was said about Jenner, but something that was asked didn’t sit well with him. The Australian newspaper was already told not to speak about Tyga’s personal life before the interview began.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Kylie Jenner will stay with Tyga and marry him despite the rumors? Sound off below in the comments section.

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