Lisa Rinna Brings Phone Records To ‘RHOBH’ Reunion, Reality Star Not Backing Down From Lisa Vanderpump Claims

Lisa Rinna has been the center of some major drama on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When she joined the cast last season, it was clear that she wasn’t someone who was going to keep her mouth closed when it came to her opinions. While Kim Richards was her sparring partner last season, it became Lisa Vanderpump for Season 6. All of the drama surrounding Rinna stems from Yolanda Foster’s health. There have been some discrepancies that have lead to assumptions, one of which Rinna voiced in front of Vanderpump and Kyle Richards during Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Things have been turned around on Lisa Rinna since word got back to Yolanda Foster that the ladies were talking about her illness. While what they did when discussing her was wrong, all three of the women present should have taken equal blame. Rinna did apologize to Foster for her part and owned most of what she did wrong. Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump laid the blame solely on Rinna, which obviously didn’t sit right with her.

For the remainder of the season, all of the ladies blamed Rinna while she has been claiming that Vanderpump had planted the doubt in her head several times. In fact, she has accused Vanderpump of calling her and trying to get her to say what she wanted Rinna to say.

Despite Lisa Rinna being adamant about receiving phone calls from Lisa Vanderpump regarding Yolanda Foster’s condition, there was denial from Vanderpump. Last night, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired the first part of the reunion. It had been taped just about six weeks ago, and all of the ladies had been able to watch some of the show before attending the taping. According to Radar Online, Lisa Rinna brought phone records as proof to show that she was indeed receiving phone calls from Lisa Vanderpump. It wasn’t even just one or two calls — it was at least 10. That was quite the shock, but the denials kept coming.

All of this drama stems from Lisa Rinna using the word Munchausen when referring to Yolanda Foster. Several of the women believed that she may have been faking how bad her condition really was, including Rinna. Since Lisa Vanderpump is friends with Foster’s ex-husband, she also got the impression things weren’t what they seemed. Because this word was brought up among both Lisas and Kyle Richards, they were all roped into the drama. While Rinna was not proud of what she did and said, she was not about to be taken down alone. There was no problem owning up to her part, which she did. Richards and Vanderpump were less than reliable, exposing who was really lying about the situation which played out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The second part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion will air next week, and things with Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump get even more intense. Right now, fans are split down the middle, finding it hard to side with either Lisa. The one thing that Rinna has in her favor is that she has never denied who she was and what she was about. She battled Kim Richards last season and never backed down. This time around, she is not letting Vanderpump intimidate her into backing down from what she believes to be the truth. Everything has played out on camera, and all of the ladies can watch the season back to see who is right and who is wrong. Erika Girardi seems to be in Lisa Rinna’s corner, and that could prove to be a very good thing when moving forward.

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