Terri ‘Missy’ Bevers Facebook Photos: Suspected Murderer Of 45-Year-Old Boot Camp Teacher Dressed As SWAT Team Member [Video]

The shocking homicide of Terri “Missy” Bevers, a 45-year-old mother of three girls, is being talked about online. Twitter reports “Missy Bevers” as one of their trending topics as of this writing. As seen in the following video released by the Midlothian Texas Police Department, a person who appears to wear SWAT team type of gear is being sought as a suspect in Terri’s murder. Bevers was a fitness boot camp teacher who was found dead on Monday by her students at a church in Midlothian, Texas, reports the Dallas Morning News‎.

On Facebook, it was only 21 hours ago that the Facebook account with the name Missy Bevers shared a photo, one that called Missy’s “Gladiators” to still plan to meet her at the Creekside Church of Christ — despite the rain. “If it’s raining, we’re still training,” read the meme posted to Bevers’ Facebook account.

The post from ‎Missy Bevers‎ to “Camp Gladiator Midlothian!! 🙂” posted on Sunday revealed Missy’s instructions to her class about increasing the amount of weights they planned to lift.

“Tomorrow begins Week 1 (ENDURANCE) and it’s weight day! If you’ve been using the same weight for the last 2 camps…it’s time to Go Up! ‪#‎letsmakegains‬

Bevers wrote on Facebook about how she needed to get up early to meet her class.

“Goodnight, all
I have to get up @3:30 a.m.
See u bright and early”

However, it would be a class that she wouldn’t get to conduct. As written by one of Missy’s Facebook followers and class members, the police had arrived at the church by the time she arrived.

Michele Markwood Blanton: “There are several cop cars at this church right now. Not sure what happened.”

The 5:00 a.m. boot camp class planned at the Creekside Church of Christ tragically couldn’t live up to the inspiring writing that Missy posted on Facebook, trying to help her boot camp participants get up and exercising early.

“NO EXCUSES….You are Gladiators!”

Instead, a person who appeared in the above photo in the SWAT gear is a suspect in Missy’s death. Police were contacted at approximately 5:00 a.m., the time Bevers’ boot camp was scheduled to begin.

According to a press release issued by police on Facebook, Missy was found dead on Monday morning. Police witnessed plenty of broken glass on the floor surrounding Bevers’ body. They searched the building for the suspected murderer and found no one.

The press release went on to detail that Terri entered the church carrying boot camp equipment that Missy was moving inside due to the rainy weather. The suspect that appears in the video wears SWAT gear with “Police” emblazoned both on the front and the back of the jacket.

Although the police’s press release uses the pronoun “he” to describe the suspect in Missy’s murder, several folks commenting on Facebook and YouTube note that the person walks like a female in the video. The security footage showed a person in the church at approximately 4 a.m., and it isn’t known if Terri accidentally surprised a robber in progress of committing a crime — even though robberies at the church are being called rare and unusual.

Creekside Church of Christ is located on East U.S. Highway 287, where Missy was discovered by her boot camp students.

The person dressed in the SWAT gear with “Police” appearing on the outfit intended to look like a police officer. It isn’t known if Missy was intentionally targeted, since folks would have known that Bevers would have been present at the church — likely alone — during the early morning hours on Monday.

“Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Midlothian police at 972-775-3333.”

[Photo by the Inquisitr]