Trump Supporter Leads Armed Anti-Islam Rally To Desecrate The Quran -- It Fails Miserably

Several days ago, it was announced that Donald Trump supporter Jim Stachowiak would be leading an armed anti-Islam rally at the Georgia capitol to destroy a copy of the Quran and a picture of the Prophet Muhammad. With more than 200 protesters expected to show up in support of Donald Trump's plan to freeze Muslim immigration until the FBI and the DHS could vet them properly, local police were uneasy about the possibility of hundreds of gun-toting activists marching to the state capitol, according to the Daily Beast.

"DPS is currently monitoring the threat risk and, together with GBA, is taking precautions to make Capitol Hill a safe environment," Capitol Police Director Lewis G. Young told employees of the capitol.

But it didn't exactly turn out the way Jim Stachowiak expected.

According to Raw Story, almost nobody showed up to the anti-Islam rally. The handful of people there alongside Jim Stachowiak were either additional event organizers or members of the press who were curious about how the rally would turn out. Although the Donald Trump supporter did desecrate a copy of the Quran as promised, there was hardly anybody there to see it, and very few who were actually on his side.

Anti-Islam rally. [Photo by Jim Stachowiak via Facebook]Jim Stachowiak spoke to the Huffington Post last week about why he agrees with Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

"I support Donald Trump because I like his agenda on dealing with the threats to this country — his ban on Islamic immigration," he said.

While he claimed that the anti-Islam rally would be held in opposition to Islamic extremism and the violence in the Quran, not "Joe Muhammad down the street mowing his yard," Stachowiak insisted that Islamic refugees should be considered "an invading horde or army."

But an army is exactly what Stachowiak didn't have at his anti-Islam rally, according to the Georgia State Signal. By his side was one other man, Pastor Terry Jones, who accompanied him in tearing out pages of the Quran.

"Destroy the Quran, it deserves to be destroyed, it promotes violence – it is worse than any Playboy, worse than any other evil book of any nature," said Jim Stachowiak.

"I believe it's an evil book," Pastor Jones agreed. "If I want to rip it, it doesn't mean I hate them, it means I believe the book is evil."

While the anti-Islam rally had very few protesters, there were definitely other people in attendance who disagreed with the anti-Muslim sentiments of Donald Trump's political platform. A grad student named Joshua Cubas reportedly argued with Jim Stachowiak and Pastor Terry Jones at the rally, claiming the Christian Bible is no better than the Quran.
"If you're going to condemn the Quran for its violent texts, then you should just as equally condemn the Bible for its violent texts as well. More violence is being reported from ISIS, all of the stories, even stories that are happening now from the KKK who represent Christianity, if that same media attention was brought to that, that's happening on our own homeland, I wonder how people's perspectives would change."
Even so, Jim Stachowiak maintains his belief that Islamic extremism is the primary threat to America. He attended the anti-Muslim rally wearing a shirt that said "Nuke ISIS," reflecting another of Donald Trump's campaign promises to wipe out the Islamic State terrorist regime.

Outside of the failed protest, Stachowiak has been seen on social media brandishing firearms and making bold claims such as "Jesus Christ was not a pacifist," "God Hates Islam," and "Islam is a "Satanic Death Cult." He has advocated for Donald Trump's policy to keep out Mexican immigrants as well, having posted photos to Facebook showing himself burning a Mexican flag.

Jim Stachowiak
[Photo by Jim Stachowiak via Facebook]For more on the more extreme examples of Donald Trump supporters, read about the students who were shouting racist pro-Trump chants at minority soccer players.

[Photos by Jim Stachowiak via Facebook]