Syrian Rebels Push Bodies Of Regime Fighters Off Roof [graphic video]

A video of Syrian rebels pushing what are reportedly the bodies of regime fighters off a roof as the crowd gathered below cheered illustrates the ongoing level of violent unrest in the Middle Eastern nation. The video clip from LiveLeak republished by The Blaze shows the bodies of military fighters being tossed off a tall post office building roof in the city of Al-Bab.

As the bodies in Syria are tossed from the building roof, members of the crowd can be heard shouting, “the heroes of Al-Bab” in the video. Two bodies are lying in front of the building during the early moments of the Syrian video. Three more corpses are shown being thrown from the roof as the sound of gunshots ring out, the New York Daily News reports.

Syrian citizens are reportedly circulating the video of bodies being thrown off the roof in Al-Bab on Twitter and Facebook. Comments critical of the video have grown in number as the video of the corpses increased in online viewership. A Syrain activist identified as Kareem Lailah on Twitter stated the act of throwing bodies from buildings is a “big shame” and should be “widely condemned,” The Blaze notes.

The Los Angeles Times also reports a growing social media backlash to the Syria video. A Syrian media activist interviewed by the California newspaper noted snipers were on the roof of the post office building in Al-Bab. The media source also maintains several of the Syrian snipers surrendered. Rebel fighters allegedly stormed the Al-Bab post office throwing explosives to kill the snipers. Several of the snipers reportedly left the building but the five remained on-site and killed seven regime fighters. The Syrian activist which spoke to the Los Angeles Times added that the dead should be respected even if they are enemies and that all the bodies thrown off the roof in Syria were given a proper Muslim burial

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