Three Adults Brutally Attack 12-Year-Old, Furious Father Hopes Video Goes Viral And Suspects Are Apprehended

A father from Bransholme, Hull, is furious over a video that was posted on social media, showing his daughter being brutally beaten by three adult women.

Mike Hussey’s 12-year-old daughter, Ellie, was walking home from school with a friend when three adult women approached her and attacked her. Ellie’s friend recorded the attack, hoping to share it and determine who the women are. Each of the adult women are thought to be aged 18-21.

Hussey encouraged the video to be shared online, not only to ensure the women are apprehended, but also to shame them for the the senseless acts of violence, according to Metro.

“It makes you feel sick to see that as a dad. Kids get into scraps but when it’s three adults against a child that’s a different league.”

Despite the brutal appearance of the attack, Ellie was not seriously harmed. She was pretty banged up, but was not expected to experience any long-lasting harm.

“She had a couple of marks on a face but it was more how it shook her up. It’s not right and my heart just broke seeing what had happened.”

In addition to sharing the video that was posted online, Hussey also contacted the Humberside Police to report the incident.