WWE News: Major Plans Rumored For WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Upon His Return From Injury

Joe Burgett

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has been out of action since last fall due to a terrible knee injury that saw him tear his ACL, MCL, and Medial Meniscus. His injury came at a terrible time as he happened to be the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. While it was rumored that Rollins was going to lose the title to Roman Reigns at WWE Survivor Series just a short while later, his injury ended up causing a lot of problems with the card.

When his injury was paired with the loss of Cesaro, Randy Orton, and John Cena, WrestleMania 32 ended up not being as good as what some experts believe it could have been. The injury bug was so bad that Triple H had to basically rise up and take on the top heel role to help the company. Rollins' loss may have not seemed significant at the time, but it surely was, looking back. Fans respected Rollins because they knew the man could deliver a great match in his sleep. Maybe whenever they do Inception 2, this theory could be tested out. Regardless, his loss was big for WWE and the fans.

Due to this, his comeback will clearly be a big deal. Rollins did make an appearance in December to accept the WWE Superstar of the Year award. He was cheered big time upon his appearance. He tried to heel it up and remain in the role he left. However, the fans didn't seem to care. They want to cheer him, and it looks like WWE will end up playing into this once he returns to WWE programming. He is set to be back around July, but some believe he could come in a month early.

There are some very interesting plans for Seth Rollins once he returns, it seems. PWTorch reports that there are two ideas that are floating around for Crossfit Jesus. The first goes with Money in the Bank. Due to Rollins' potential comeback happening around MITB, the thought is WWE could have him win the case yet again. This would be his second win, of course. Really though, many believe he doesn't even need it.

The second idea is one that many fans might enjoy, in that WWE would have Rollins return at the MITB PPV and bring his own WWE World Title with him. He would then go on to say that he is the rightful champion because he "never lost the title."

This idea was touched upon with CM Punk and John Cena, as Punk beat Cena for the WWE Championship, ironically at WWE Money in the Bank in 2011. However, Punk "left" WWE and the company was forced to crown a new champion. Punk then returned and became the Undisputed WWE Champion.

The two-title idea goes very well with things that wrestling fans already know well, and it would certainly be a good storyline. It would also allow for WWE to give Seth Rollins the main event spotlight immediately upon his return, as well, which is where he truly needs to be due to the love fans have for him. It would also be a good "out" for WWE if they feel Roman Reigns isn't working well as the top guy by this point in the summer. It appears they are already setting up for a drop sooner than we think.

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