Navy Commander Fakes His Own Death To Ditch Young Mistress He Got Pregnant

Tara Dodrill

Navy Commander Michael P. Ward faked his own death and disappeared from the life of his mistress a little more than one week after taking the helm of the USS Pittsburgh. The married Navy commander allegedly met a young woman on an internet dating website last year and told her he was separated. Commander Michael Ward allegedly engaged in an affair with the 23-year-old woman until she received an email informing her that the USS Pittsburgh commander had died.

The Navy commander's mistress went to his home to pay her final respects to the man she loved, only to discover that his death was a lie and he was still married, the Daily Mail reports. The woman eventually became ill, found out she was pregnant with presumably Commander Michael Ward's baby, and later lost the baby. When she traveled to his home to pay her respects, the new owner told her Ward was alive and had moved to Connecticut to take control of the USS Pittsburgh.

Michael Ward is 20 years older than the mistress he met online. The Navy commander is married with three children. The submarine commander allegedly decided he needed to end the relationship and tried to convince his mistress that he had died. Navy Commander Michael Ward, 43, was relieved of his duties as the leader of the USS Pittsburgh due to the allegations reported to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) by the mistress.

“I want you, but I don't know how to make this all perfect. I love you and I always will,” Navy Commander Michael Ward allegedly wrote in a text message to the mistress, according to The Day.

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The unidentified Chesapeake, Virginia woman who claims to have received the fake death notification from the maintains she met Cmdr. Ward via an online dating website in October 2011. Ward allegedly told the young mistress that he was in a “special ops” unit and identified himself as Tony Moore. Ward joined the Navy in 1987 and had served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. NCIS is currently investigating the allegations against Commander Michael Ward.