Mother and children saved from fiery crash by strangers [VIDEO]

People are incredible especially when push comes to shove as it did when a mother and her two children, a baby and a 4-year old boy, found themselves in a burning wreck of a SUV on Sunday in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In a split second the mother found herself in a crash that was erupting into flames but as her husband said in a press conference later – there are angels all around us.

In this case it was the people who lived on the street where the crash occurred, including off-duty firefighters John Rechlitz and Joel Rechlitz as well as off-duty police officer Lt. Mark Wroblewski.

Jason Lepowski was driving down the street Sunday when a car crashed and erupted in flames. So he parked his car and ran to the vehicle to help.

“It blew up, and I was already smashing on the windshield of the vehicle because I saw the people inside,” he told CNN affiliate WTMJ.

His uncle, Jerry Lepowski who lives down the street, rushed to the scene and started filming.

Neighbors and those in the area frantically began screaming for help. Flames began to fan and tires blew as neighbors struggled to find a way to shatter the windshield and pull the three people to safety.

“We’re busting at the window because we saw everybody screaming,” Jason Lepowski told WTMJ. “We made a little hole to get the little baby out first. Then came the mother, then we were smashing out the window. We couldn’t break it.”

Then they began shouting for help.

That’s when neighbors, grabbing anything they could find, approached the car and started hammering the windshield with blunt objects including pipes.

“We’re freaking out, and then we get the windshield open,” Lepowski said.

But D.J. was still inside, trapped by a seatbelt and nobody could reach him.

“We could see the kid on fire,” Lepowski said.

Off-duty Milwaukee firefighters John Rechlitz and Joel Rechlitz assisted by off-duty Milwaukee police Lt. Mark Wroblewski raced to the scene.

Without gear, backup from emergency responders or any protection from the fire, the firefighters went inside the burning vehicle to try to free the boy.

“I saw him and I saw my son’s face. It was very emotional,” Joel Rechlitz told WTMJ.

With the help of a knife from a neighbor they were able to cut the boy free.

Source: CNN News :: Surgeon: Strangers saved life of boy trapped in burning SUV

Here is the video of the heroic efforts by some great people doing something pretty incredible – saving a mother and her children.

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