Volkswagen Beetle No Longer For Sale? German Vehicle Could Be Out Of Production In 2018

Normally, a Volkswagen Beetle for sale might cost you a rather large amount. However, the German-made compact car’s price may be going up further due to plans to cut the production entirely. It’s the basic law of supply and demand, and Volkswagen isn’t seeing the demand any more.

In an age when hybrids and electric cars are being pushed in an effort to cut emissions and save the environment, the Beetle is among many which have grown to become a luxury vehicle. Now it appears that if your vehicle isn’t known for its capacity for carrying more than an average trunk can handle, and it isn’t environmentally friendly, car manufacturers don’t see a future in it.

Sedans appear to be here to stay for those who simply want to get from place to place, with racers preferring the ability to convert them into high-performance machines for personal amusement.

The problem with the Volkswagen Beetle is that it was revealed that they were being made with diesel engines, a motor known for its power. This became the subject of a recall last year after it was alleged that the engines were being used in Beetles for no reason. When it was discovered that there were “cheat devices” being used to fool emissions tests, environmentalists were outraged and sales dropped. Such engines are only useful in vehicles with larger engines such as car haulers and freight-bearing semis.

German vehicles using diesel engines may be better at maintaining fuel economy, but in such a small vehicle it’s just wasteful. YouTube’s Scotty Kilmer even revealed that German cars, especially Mercedes, are just money pits due to the difficulty of maintaining their mostly plastic innards. However, instead of merely removing diesel engines and “cheat devices” from future models of the Volkswagen Beetle, the German manufacturer is simply planning to stop production of it by 2018.

You won’t likely hear environmentalists complaining about the decision, as carbon emissions have been blamed for the greenhouse effect which is allegedly responsible for global warming. In places like major cities, you’ll also find that the reduction of carbon emissions will also cut registration fees due to the lack of a need to fix the problem and re-test.

The main advantages to the Beetle include the ability to make sharp turns quickly, but as auto sales show, SUVs are the more popular option now. Compared to an SUV and its off-roading capabilities, the Beetle just doesn’t have the functionality to compete.

Instead, the German manufacturer is planning to put their efforts more into production of the CUV, a model built on the basic sedan premise with many of the functions of its bigger cousin, the SUV. Sales haven’t proven it to be a big seller, but the elimination of the Volkswagen Beetle means that Volkswagen will need something to take its place.

What some have found ironic is that SUVs made by Volkswagen aren’t really selling well either. This could mean that the consumer is losing confidence in the German manufacturer and prefers American or Japanese models. In this case, ceasing the production of the Volkswagen Beetle might only cut production costs as the company goes out of business.

If it doesn’t have extra functionality or isn’t a smart-car, it most likely needs to be a four-door sedan to survive today’s car market.

What do you think of the coming extinction of the Volkswagen Beetle? Does the luxury aspect and turn radius outweigh the diesel engine and repair costs, or is it something you won’t miss?

[Feature image via Clive Rose/Getty Images]