Calvin Harris: Why Mr. Taylor Swift Is The Anatomy Of Cool

Calvin Harris has been referred to as simply “magical” by girlfriend Taylor Swift. To Swift’s BFF Selena Gomez, Harris is “such a wonderful guy,” according to ET Online. Find out why women simply dig this hunky DJ, singer and music composer and of course, Taylor Swift’s beau, all rolled into one.

Apart from accolades often thrown at him by the best representatives of the Girl Power generation, nothing best describes Calvin Harris like his self-styled music video Summer which he produced in 2014, i.e., the artist’s pre-Taylor-Swift days. Taylor and Calvin, who’s real name is Adam, got together in March 2015. And by all indications, the couple is going stronger than ever.

In the Summer music video, Harris simply dons a white T-shirt and worn-out jeans. A casual-to-rugged style of dress describes his overall fashion statement. There is reason to believe that girlfriend Taylor is increasingly being influenced by Calvin’s fashion sense. Says a recent People article: “We’ve never seen Taylor Swift wear this before.”

“The singer recently stepped out in a look that’s so far from her signature crop top and circle skirt combo that it required a comically over-the-top double take. Is this the further influence of boyfriend Calvin Harris on her off-duty style? We investigate.”

Of course, since Taylor and Calvin are living together, it’s only natural for one to influence the other, or vice versa, especially in matters of clothing. After all, they expect to be seen and photographed together the moment they walk out the door. And since they are known as a power couple, Taylor and Calvin are always under immense pressure whenever they are in the public’s eye.

Here’s a very useful E! Online timeline from the day Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris first locked eyes, for those who want to know how it all came together from February 24, 2015. The uninitiated would think that it was much earlier than that, but really, it wasn’t really that long ago. Hence, it is safe to conclude that as far as love goes for the power couple, things have progressed really fast.

The same source is also first to remind the public that Harris was not born with his looks and certainly not the abs that snared Taylor Swift.

“Believe it or not, the hot Scottish DJ wasn’t always the smoke show Emporio Armani model who has wooed the heart of Taylor Swift. In fact, he went through a crazy transformation at some point, but if you ever thought of him as an Adonis-like hunk, he’s here to remind you that he didn’t just come out of the womb like that.”

The fact remains, Calvin Harris is the highest-paid DJ in the world. Catch him in action on YouTube, doing the job he loves best.

The duo was ranked as the music industry’s highest-paid celebrity couple in 2014 by Forbes with combined earnings of more than $146 million. With Taylor Swift alone raking in $80 million in 2015, the previous record should be minuscule by comparison. Both Taylor and Harris seem to have found true love under natural circumstances. And it shows simply from the way they look into each other’s eyes in every paparazzi photograph. Inadvertently, they also happen to be the perfect couple when it comes to making money.

Therefore, if ever they get married in the future, Swift and Harris will be equitably putting food on the table, so-to-speak. For sure, it will not be like the Madonna-Richie tandem where there seems to be significant imbalance, somewhere. Instead, it will be the perfect marriage of true love and unspeakable fortune, which is the stuff of fairy tales. It will be a reminder that even in the entertainment industry, a fairy tale can come true, despite this day and age.

And to think that neither Taylor Swift or Calvin Harris tried so hard at finding each other. Everything just happened naturally, with a little bit of magic courtesy of Harris’ friend, Ellie Goulding.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images]