Is Tim Tebow Running For Congress?

Tebow 2016?

Rumors are circulating that former football star Tim Tebow may run for Congress.

Speculation emerged after U.S. Congressman Ander Crenshaw, 71, unexpectedly announced that he is not running for reelection in November for the safe Republican seat after 16 years in federal office.

Crenshaw represents Florida’s fourth Congressional district in the Jacksonville area, which is also Tebow’s home base.

The charismatic Tebow, 28, a devout Christian, recently acknowledged that he considered the possibility of a career in elected politics intriguing.

“Republican sources told the Examiner that they are reaching out to Tebow in hopes he will consider a bid. They are even quietly pulling together a potential campaign team that he could use for the upcoming August 30 primary,” the Washington Examiner reported about the Tebow for Congress rumors.

Red Alert Politics added the following commentary about the possibility of Tim Tebow candidacy, all things considered.

“In an elected body with 435 members, it’s almost impossible not to get lost in the crowd and have minimal impact. Tebow would never be lost in the crowd, and this would give him an opportunity to lead on issues he is already leading on in his life: fighting poverty, defending homeschoolers, and making traditional values cool again… He would bring a focus on fighting for the less fortunate and using creative solutions to eradicate poverty. He would also bring millennial appeal — and the right kind of millennial appeal. Tebow’s non-political accomplishments allow him to say things politicians couldn’t about culture and character. He would shake up the political establishment and would have no ties to special interests.”

The 2007 Heisman trophy winner from the University of Florida, where he won two national championships as the team’s quarterback, Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2010. After two seasons there (which included a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers), Tebow was picked up by the New York Jets where he languished on the bench.

Given the lack of playing opportunities afforded to him by the coaching staff, Tim Tebow’s career with the Jets was dismal, finishing the season with just eight passing attempts for 39 yards and zero touchdowns.

Overall, Tim Tebow has 29 touchdowns (17 passing and 12 rushing) and 15 turnovers in three NFL seasons. Overall, he has recorded 2,422 passing yards and 989 yards rushing.

Tim Tebow’s attempted a comeback with the New England Patriots in 2013 and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, but was cut both times. In recent years, he reportedly declined the opportunity to play in the Canadian Football League.

For what it’s worth, a February 2016 survey by Public Policy Polling ranks Tebow as the country’s fifth most popular NFL quarterback despite his lackluster and abbreviated career in pro football.

In addition to various charitable and business interests, Tebow currently works for ESPN as a college football analyst on the SEC Network.

If the Republicans manage to successfully recruit the ex-football star for the open House seat, Tebow would have to file paperwork for the August 30 GOP primary, in which several announced candidates have already emerged, by June 24.

At least one political strategist claims that Tim Tebow would be a shoo-in if he decides to run, which would make him the youngest member of Congress by the time he takes the oath of office in January 2017.

If drafted by the GOP somewhat like he was by the NFL, do you think it will turn out to be Tebow Time in the U.S. Congress?

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