Peta Murgatroyd Caught Up In 'DWTS' Feud: Everyone Is Shunning Nyle DiMarco Backstage

Peta Murgatroyd had quite the challenge on this season of Dancing With The Stars, as she got Nyle DiMarco as a dance partner. The challenge wasn't that he didn't have the moves. He is deaf and can't hear a single thing, which made it tough for Murgatroyd, who had to teach him about beats, musicality, and sounds -- even though he couldn't hear. And while many people may have predicted that it would be a disaster, Murgatroyd has impressed everyone. And surprisingly, Nyle has managed to get some high scores.

According to a new Radar Online report, Peta Murgatroyd is now dealing with the backlash of these higher scores. She and DiMarco have received close to perfect scores and many of their competitors are furious. They used to be friendly with DiMarco backstage, but these days, Murgatroyd and her dance partner are not getting much support.

"The other guys on set used to just shun Nyle, but it has gotten to the point where they are just flat-out rude now! No one even tries to engage with him anymore. Granted, he is deaf, but they used to all at least just say 'hello' or tell him that he was doing a great job. There is no longer any of that going on," a source on the production team has revealed about the drama that goes on behind the scenes.

Of course, Peta Murgatroyd announced that she is engaged to former dance professional, Val Chmerkovskiy's older brother, Maksim. The two got engaged when Dancing With The Stars was not filming, and it sounds like there are some issues of jealously. This week, Murgatroyd and DiMarco scored nearly perfect scores and the judges were thrilled with their performance.

"The lord of the jungle is now the lord of the dance," Bruno Tonioli said to the couple during his critiques, referring to DiMarco, who was wearing nothing but a loin cloth.

Rumor has it that Maksim is a bit jealous of Peta Murgatroyd's newfound relationship with DiMarco, as the two have a great connection. Of course, the lack of speech may have resulted in a powerful friendship, as Peta is pushing him to be the best he can be on the dance floor. And it sounds like Val may be a troublemaker on the Dancing With The Stars show.

"Peta and her fiancé's younger brother Val had it out because he told Maksim that Peta was getting too emotionally attached to Nyle," the source has revealed to Radar Online, adding, "There is so much drama right now because Peta is constantly fighting with her cast mates because it seems like they are all out to get Nyle."

And it sounds like Murgatroyd knows that people are talking and she's very protective of her dance partner. Peta knows that Nyle is a strong competitor and he's leading the scoreboards these days. So it makes sense that he's getting heat from the other competitors, as he's clearly the one to beat.

"Peta is being fiercely protective over Nyle because she has to be," the insider told Radar. "She has a lot invested in this and in him. Everyone is trying to start sh*t with the both of them and it is just making Nyle work harder. He is in it to win it."

This upcoming week, the contestants have to switch up their dance partner and Nyle may struggle without Peta Murgatroyd. They have a good system in place, where he follows her lead, so it makes sense that his new dance partner could struggle a bit with his lack of hearing.

What do you think of Peta Murgatroyd being protective of Nyle DiMarco on Dancing With The Stars?

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