Azealia Banks Made A Huge Mistake Calling Kanye A Sexist Laughing Stock, And She May Pay Big Time

Several hours ago, Azealia Banks launched a Twitter tirade against fellow rapper Kanye west in which she criticized both his values and his family, saying that he has fallen from grace.

The Twitter tiff seems to be the hottest new thing for celebrities to get involved in, as it provides free press and tons of public exposure. Almost every pop culture figure has gotten into at least one of the online feuds, and Azealia Banks has taken advantage of the stunt even more than most, frequently speaking out (or, in this case, Tweeting out) against A-list superstars including, most recently, Wale, Sarah Palin, and Iggy Azalea. Early this morning, Kanye West joined Azealia's rapidly growing pool of Twitter enemies (aka Twittemies).

Banks began ripping into West by dissing his newly acquired family, saying that the fact Kanye is now so closely associated with the Kardashian clan makes him a joke. Azealia claims that she used to respect Kanye West as an artist and a visionary, but now that he is half of Kimye, she can't take him seriously anymore.
Azealia Banks has been very public in hating on the Kardashians in the past, so it is no surprise she is berating Kanye for marrying Kim.

Banks continued that Kanye has become not just a joke but also a sellout, arguing that West used to be a conscientious voice of the African American community and has given that up.

Admittedly, accusations like Azealia's accusing Kanye West of selling out are nothing new. Many publications, such as Acculturated, have written entire articles on the subject.

"The hard truth for Kanye to hear is that he is a sell-out," the article reads.

"I think he knows it and I believe that is why he's so angry. He may be talented. He may be a marketing genius. He may be a social media juggernaut. But he's a sell-out. He's not fighting any 'man.' He is the man."
Banks wrapped up by comparing herself to Kanye and dragging his career through the mud, a move that is almost certain to earn her some backlash.
The ideas Banks expressed in her grab for yet another high-profile Twitter tiff are by no means original, and Banks has even hated on Kanye in the past - she accused him of being sexist in his tirade against racism at the Grammys back in February - but the way the barbs were worded was pretty harsh, even by Azealia's standards.

But even though Banks has proven to be a formidable Twitter battler - The Inquisitr previously reported most Twitter users are "afraid to say anything to her" - Azealia may be biting off more than she can chew by inciting a Twitter tiff with Kanye West, the man who is known across the internet as the undisputed king of Twitter warfare. The frequency and intensity of the drawn-out Twitter thrashings Kanye has been known to meter out make Azealia Banks' use of the social media engine look tame and casual.

Banks may be in for a nasty shock once Kanye gets around to firing back at her (he hasn't done so yet), but we, as spectators are likely in for quite a treat as we get to watch the sparks fly from the comfort of our internet browsers.

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