Snoop Dogg Accuses Arnold Schwarzenegger Of Racism [Video]

Rapper Snoop Dogg can't stand Arnold Schwarzenegger because he is a "straight-up b***h" and a "racist piece of s**t" for engaging in alleged favoritism in the California criminal justice system for a politically connected defendant.

Snoop went off on his fellow WWE Hall of Fame inductee (see very NSFW clip below) over the early release from prison of Esteban Nunez, 27, the son of one of the former California governor's political cronies, in an 11th-hour decision.

In the video, Snoop Dogg is livid that Nunez only served six years of a 16-year sentence, while Schwarzenegger refused to block the execution of his friend, the ex-gang leader Tookie Williams, who was convicted of four murders in 1979.

"One of Schwarzenegger's last acts as governor was reducing Esteban Nunez's 16-year sentence for manslaughter to seven years. Nunez is the son of former speaker of the State Assembly, Fabian Nunez, a political ally and friend of the then governor," The Hollywood Reporter explained.

Nunez became eligible for prison release after six years, rather than seven, owing to good behavior.

"The Governator" left office in early January 2011.

The bodybuilder and actor was first elected as the Golden State's chief executive in the famous October 2003 California recall election which removed incumbent Gray Davis from the governor's mansion in Sacramento.

"The rapper indicated his fury stemmed from the fact that Schwarzenegger had denied clemency for Crips gang co-founder Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, a black man who died Dec. 13, 2005, by lethal injection at California's San Quentin State Prison...Many in 2005 had urged the governor to commute the death sentence for Williams, who... became an anti-gang violence advocate on death row — but his execution proceeded as planned after Schwarzenegger denied the plea," the New York Daily News recalled.
On appeal of the Nunez commutation brought by the Santos family, the California judiciary criticized Schwarzenegger for his back-room leniency in the matter but determined that the shortened prison sentence was within the governor's powers and that there was no legal basis to overturn it.

Nunez and another man pleaded guilty to lesser charges of voluntary manslaughter and assault in an incident in which college student Luis Santos was fatally stabbed in the heart at San Diego State University in October 2008, according to prosecutors. "Charged with murder, the defendants had faced the possibility of life in prison if they went to trial and lost," Los Angeles Times explained.

Arnold Schwarzenegger justified commuting the jail sentence because the other assailant had a criminal record and he, rather than Nunez, allegedly stabbed the victim."Prosecutors said it was never clear, however, who stabbed Santos, and that the law should treat the knife-wielding attackers with equal severity," the Los Angeles Times added.

According to the Times, Arnold acknowledged that he was helping a friend, and the elder Nunez admitted that "I used my relationship with the governor to help my own son" and "I'd do it again."

Nunez's alleged accomplice in the crime is still behind bars and scheduled to serve his entire 16-year sentence.

The California Corrections Department plans on paroling Esteban Nunez in the next few days (if not already), but the specifics will be kept confidential.

In a statement, the Nunez family noted, "Our son has paid his debt to society. He is committed to continuing the work of healing, self-reflection and spiritual growth."

Snoop Dogg claims he is going to confront Arnold Schwarzenegger about the Nunez matter next time he sees him.

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