‘Big Tiny’ Reality Show On TLC Features World’s Smallest Siblings

Big Tiny is a new The Learning Channel (TLC) reality show featuring the smallest known siblings in the entire world. Bridgette “Bri” and Brad Jordan are Guinness Book of World Records holders for their small stature. Bri Jordan is 27-inches-tall and Brad Jordan is slightly taller at 38-inches. The pair of twenty-something siblings will star in Big Tiny which premieres on August 13.

Bri Jordan held the record for the World’s Smallest Woman last year until Jyoti Amge of India turned 18 and stripped Jordan of the title. Amge stands 24-inches tall, the Huffington Post notes. The TLC reality show Big Tiny will follow the Jordan siblings as they go about their daily routine. Brian Jordan is a college cheerleader and a gymnast.

“Bradley especially doesn’t seem to have a problem with being shy. They’ve always been in the public eye,” Bri and Brian’s mother Christy Jordan told the Huffington Post. She also describes the Big Tiny stars as a pair of normal 23-and 21-year-olds.

Bri Jordan weighs 18 pounds and routinely showers in the kitchen sink. Big Tiny viewers will see Jordan doing her weekly grocery store shopping, flexing her muscles as she tosses items into a standard-size grocery store cart. Bri enjoys baking cupcakes and chatting with her friends during the reality show episodes.

Brian Jordan weights 35 pounds. During Big Tiny episodes he will showcase his creative and athletic abilities for reality show viewers when he sings and goes to karate practice. Bri and Brian Jordan are also joined on the TLC reality show by their older sister Brandi and their mother, who is a registered nurse.