Disney Star Debby Ryan Reportedly Arrested For Drunk Driving

Jessie star Debby Ryan is in trouble! Last week, the Disney actress, described by TMZ as "one of Disney's biggest stars," forgot to do the responsible thing by checking her keys and calling a cab after she'd had a little too much to drink.

Last week, Ryan was out partying in L.A., and "around 11 p.m." she hopped into her 2016 Audi and took off for her next destination with way too much alcohol in her system.

The result of Debby's drunk driving decision was more than a big blooper. Debby actually slammed into another car because of her impaired judgement while driving.

Debby had to make a left turn on her way to the next place, and that's when the accident happened. There was a Mercedes in her way, and Ryan was too drunk to avoid hitting the other car. Debby collided with the Mercedes, and had to wait there for the cops to show up. It's not reported whether the other driver knew who she was, but now everyone knows the mess she's in!
When cops arrived at the scene of Debby's collision with the Mercedes, the other driver is reported to have "claimed injury" as a result of the smash. According to the New York Daily News, that may be true, but TMZ reports that the "injuries were minor."

For Debby, age 22, that was the only piece of good news in the whole bad drunken episode. Originally, police charged Ryan with a felony driving under the influence charge, but the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

That only happened because the other driver wasn't seriously injured, and Ryan herself had managed to keep her blood alcohol content to under the .08 maximum.
Some fans are expressing their disappointment with Ryan, and expected better of her since she is something of a role model. One Twitter user tagged Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and asked how this kind of irresponsible and dangerous behavior can continue to be OK.
Another sadly said that they miss Jessie, Debby's Disney character who never would have gotten drunk and driven a car.
Others just enjoy getting their kicks making jokes about Ryan's drunkenness.
Debby still has to face "a pair of crimes" over her drunk driving incident. The cops slammed Ryan with a charge for driving under the influence and another for "possessing a BAC over the legal limit." Debby's original felony drunk driving charge is "standard operating procedure" that cops follow whenever there's been an injury caused in a DUI car accident.

Fox News reports that Debby is out on bail to the tune of $100,000 after the drunk driving charges. Some fans are remembering Ryan's role as an addict on Private Practice, and possibly wondering if the Disney star might need a little rehab on her own account.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Image]